Event Management Tips

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Role-based reminder emails

The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business created a field on their event registration form asking registrants if they would like to receive a reminder email before the event. They role-based each of the 7 options and so they were able to send emails based on a query for the appropriate timeframe. This concept is something you all can reproduce easily and efficiently, and it helps support attendance after registration.

Events Requirement Form

The University of Tennessee System has a large number of regional chapters and affinity-based networks that have events that each need event registration forms. Rather than using a ‘train the trainer’ approach for event building, they build the events for their chapter leaders.
First, they require that a request/’intake form be filled out by the chapter or network leader to gather all of the pertinent information required to build an event.
Next, they utilize event templates and reusable data fields and even reuse whole categories (that they keep stored on a “fake form” in the Forms tool) to quickly build multiple events themselves. (If you want more information about those reusable fields and categories, please talk to your Account Representative.)
The main thing we wanted to show you here was the request/intake form. Even if you don’t have to build events for other departments or people in your organization, it’s always a good idea to gather your event requirements before you build your registration form.  What you’re seeing here is just the beginning of the form, but you can create a form that is specific to your events.
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