Increasing Event Attendance and Facebook Outreach

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Event ideas from your peers that might spark some ideas for increasing event participation and making your own administration more efficient...

Regent University was looking for a way to increase their Facebook outreach, as well as event attendance, so they made a push to “like” them on Facebook and receive a promo code for event registration discount. This not only led to an increased number of Facebook fans, but also an increased number of registered users and increased event attendance.
How do they do it? In the past, Regent has used Facebook apps for running contests (Tocquiny, for example) to guarantee that someone actually likes their page. Recently, however, Regent has decided to reduce costs and is managing this process themselves.
To do this, they load the promo code in as a Facebook event, so technically it is visible to anyone who is exploring their page.
They use the Facebook events page and try to make it sound like it’s a requirement to “like” the page in their publicity. They also include links to the Facebook event on the Event Center page as well as underneath the Promo Code field on the registration form.
They can then just do quick checks when they receive registrations utilizing the promo code, but have yet to decide if it would really be worth enforcing if they discovered someone who didn’t actually “Like” the page. Just getting people to their Facebook page in the first place is half the battle, and they have found that if people visit, they will usually “like” the page.
The “Get Tickets” link on the Facebook event page takes visitors back to the registration form on the website, and while there was some concern that people would use the RSVP options on the Facebook event page to register, rather than actually doing it through the registration form, it has not been a problem so far.
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