"Click Here" Links

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“Click here” linked text should not be used in website copy. Why?

  • It conceals what the user is clicking. You may have text around the link that explains what they’re clicking, but when users read the link itself they won’t have a clue. And since website readers generally scan text, you’re slowing them down and making it harder for your message to be seen.
  • "Clicking" is irrelevant in many situations today (assistive devices, smartphones, etc).
  • It is meaningless to search engines indexing the page since they use the text in a link to help identify what the link is about.
  • “Click here“ text is useless in a list of links or when in "links reading" mode (and don’t forget your auditory users who use screen readers and link identifiers).

So, what do you replace “click here” with? Remember these rules:
  • Provide some information when read out of context
  • Explain what the link offers
  • Don’t talk about mechanics
  • Don’t use a verb phrase
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