Mobile-friendly Online Giving

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Are you thinking “mobile first” when you design your online giving experience? Here are some tips for creating better mobile fundraising:

Use a mobile template

If you don’t have a mobile-ready website (with our Hybrid Design), consider implementing a mobile template for your giving form. As we talked about earlier, we offer Mobile-Ready Template Design, which delivers standardized mobile templates for specific iModules pages and forms. This allows for mobile-optimized viewing and support of the best practices we’re talking about on this slide.

Focus on your purpose

Make your institution’s purpose clear and central on your giving pages. And really, this means from the minute a mobile visitor clicks anything that has to do with “giving” on a mobile device. Don’t clutter with sidebar images or extra navigation. Keep it all simple and focus on a single task!

Make text and buttons easy to see and click

Make text large enough to easily read and buttons large enough for easy clicking.

Consider a second form

Don’t cringe, but you might want to consider a different form for your mobile giving audience. Most research will tell you that your mobile giving form should include only the basics, meaning the giving amount and the donor’s personal and billing information. Period. So, what about payment options and donor levels and designations and other user options that statistics show are so important to online donors? Check out some of the mobile form examples provided here from Miami, Webster, and Emerson (use your mobile device to navigate to the giving form on each of these sites so that you can get the user experience!) to see how they have presented their mobile giving forms – then decide what you want to present to your donors – maybe try more fields vs. less and then try less vs. more and see what is producing better results from your mobile donors. The point is, you may need to present your desktop donors vs. your mobile donors with a different experience for maximum results.



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