Understand Appeal Codes

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Appeal Codes are additional information you add to the end of a URL for your commerce-based Forms, Events, Donations, and Memberships in order to find out which marketing methods were effective in producing results. Appeal codes display in your reporting – a separate column will show you which appeal code was used to access the form.

For example: Marist High School used a QR code in their Alumni magazine. The QR code links to a custom URL (note the red part of the URL string) for giving based on that appeal code. They were then able to determine how successful the QR code was at driving traffic vs. other solicitation methods that they used.

Creating an Appeal Code for your commerce-based forms is very easy! When you link something (such as the QR code or an HTML link “Click here,” etc.), you link to your form URL, BUT you also ADD “&appealcode=xxxxxxx (the xxxxxxx represents the value you want to have populate in the report) at the end of the URL string (not the custom URL). The Appeal Code may not exceed 64 characters.



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