Creating a Recurring Birthday Email

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On the Email home page, select to create a Recurring Custom Email.

(Only Recurring Custom Emails can be set up to send out every day automatically.)

Now, set up your details and create the content for your birthday email.

Email Details

  • Use tokens (such as ##First Name##) in the Subject line for personalization.  See System Tokens for more information.
  • Create a new Email Categories such as "Birthday Email".

Build Content

Include an image to capture people's attention.

Choose Recipients

Choose Recipients is where you really need to pay attention…

Click Configure in the Data Viewer box.

Click Create new Query > Next.

Define the criteria for your query:  Enter "is birthday" in the Available Fields search box to quickly find the field.  Select the is birthday field.  It will move to the Selected Fields column.  Click the Add Selected Fields button at the bottom of the page.


Be sure your filter is set to equal Yes.

Click Next.  Your recipient list is now set up.

Schedule Email

You're ready to schedule your email. Set the time you would like it to send. Choose the Daily option and pick the Start Date. Then all you need to do is release the email!

Ending the recurring email

If you ever want to end your recurring birthday email, there is an End Recurrence option in the Released Emails grid. Using this option will maintain your email history and reporting history.


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