Create a Daily Birthday Email

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Getting Started

  1. Navigate to Email Home from the far left panel / column.

  2. Click the Create Email Campaign button. You will need to determine if you want to create a General Campaign or a Segmented Campaign.

    NOTE: The instructions from this point forward are for a General Campaign.

  3. Provide Email Details.

    TIP -Use tokens (such as ##First Name##) in the Subject line for personalization.  See System Tokens for more information.

    NOTE - It would be a good idea to have an Email Category for Birthday Email.

Build Content

Create your birthday message. Add an image for a visually appealing message.


Segment Creation

Depending on your administrative rights, you may need someone else to build a saved query and mark it as an Email Segment.

  1. Choose Lists and Segments from the Email menu.

  2. Click Add Segment.

  3. Create a new query.

  4. In the search box for available fields, key in "is birthday". The field will display so you don't have to search for it.


  5. Click on the "is birthday" field so it is placed in the Selected Fields column.

  6. Click Add Selected Fields.

  7. Set the value to "yes".

  8. Click Next.

  9. Provide a Name (Description is optional). Check the box for Create Email Segment.

  10. Click Go.

  11. The Email Segment now exists so it can be used for your email message.

Segment Assignment

  1. For your Birthday message, click Add Audience.


  2. Select your Segment from the search/dropdown box and click Add.

    NOTE -
    your Segment may have a different name that what the example shows.


  3. Click Save.



  1. Click Schedule.

  2. Select Schedule Recurring Sends and click Save.


  3. Select a Send Time, Start Date, and Frequency. For the birthday message, the best Frequency is Daily.


  4. Click Save.


  1. Once all of the settings are in place, use the gear icon to click Release.

  2. The message will move to the Queued area and send based upon the Frequency you set.