Event - Form Audience

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Form Audience allows you to set the audience for the event registration form which determines who can register for the event.

    • Everyone - Audience does not need to be logged in to view this content. (For Form Audience on Events with RSVP/Registration, indicate if users are required to login / create a Non-Member account before proceeding or if a Non-Member will be created behind the scenes automatically.)
    • Logged In- Members must be logged in to view this content.
      • Role - Only members who fit the criteria for a certain role (i.e., Class of 1992, Current Students, or Female alumni) will be able to see this content.  Choose from the previously created list of roles in the dual list box and use the arrows to select. 
      • Deny Access to the following: You may also exclude certain groups from the  Audience by using this checkbox. Then, choose from the previously created list of roles and use the arrows to select a group to exclude.

For example, you could include Everyone in the Audience except the Class of
- Select Everyone in the first list box.
- Click the checkbox to Deny Access to the following.
- Select Class of 2008 in the second list box

  • For Events, "Calendar Announcement" and "Events with Detail Page only" event types will follow the Display Audience option. The Form Audience does not apply to these types of events.
  • The system will not allow the Display Audience to be more restrictive than the Form Audience. For example, if the Display Audience is set to "Logged In," the Form Audience cannot be set to "Everyone." If "Logged In" is selected for the Display Audience, then "Logged in" or "Role" are the only options available to select for the Form Audience.
  • If Identity Checkpoint is enabled on an Event/Campaign, both the Display Audience and the Form Audience are disabled. The Display Audience is set to "Everyone" and the Form Audience is set to "Everyone - Allow unregistered users direct access to the form."