Version 2.1

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  • Added includeTransactionDetails required parameter to all web methods (ControlQuery and TransactionQuery) that return transaction information.  This parameter will result in the items that make up the transaction total being included in the results.
  • Added communityid and merchantaccountname to the data returned for transactions.

Linked Transactions

  • Added LinkedTransaction element which is controlled by the includeTransactionDetails directive as a child node of each Transaction element.

Include Unreviewed

  • update web services to include a new parameter where applicable: includeUnreviewed
  • update web services to query based on Last Updated if excluding unreviewed records and Date Completed if including unreviewed records
    • Date Completed is a new metric tracked for all form submissions.
      • Historically, it is set to the Date Added for the corresponding transaction or Date Added for the data from the form submission.
      • Ongoing, it will match Date Added for the transaction (commerce) or be recorded at the time the user completes a form (non-commerce).

Login Query Result

  • Added constituent id and member id to the result for both methods on LoginQuery

Event Guest Registration

Scheduled for release on August 18th, 2014

  • Two new elements are optionally included with MemberInformation to link the main registrant to their guests when registering for an event.  This change applies only to events created under the new registration models using the new guest category.
    • The Guests element - the main registrant optionally has a new element that specifies which guests they registered

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    • The GuestOf element - each guest registered by the main registrant will have a new element that specifies who registered them

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  • A new attribute has also been added the TransactionItem element.  When processing an event submission with guests results in a single which is tied to the main registrant.  To indicate which registrant each item that made up the transaction is tied to, TransactionItem now has an attribute called IMod_Member_Id.

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Scheduled for release in September 2014

Email marketing campaigns automatically modify links to forms with the Pre-populate user profile data from return link setting turned on.  The technology responsible for generating the authentication key that is appended to the link is being released via web services.  By providing a control id and Encompass member id, this service will generate an authentication key that is valid for 15 minutes.  To use this service, add &authkey= along with the value returned in the response from the web service to the URI for the form.  Note that this link this only authenticates the user for the form itself, not for your entire site.