Guest Accounts and the Non-member Merge

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For the initial release of guest registration, it was decided that guests would be ignored in the non-member merge process. The system now supports merging guest records into member records through the non-member merge process using the Identity Checkpoint Non-Member Merge file.

  •  Guests added to the event will create non-member accounts.  These guests will not go through the Identity Checkpoint process even if it is turned on for the event.  The Primary Registrant will still go through the Identity Checkpoint process if it is enabled.
  • The non-member guest records that are created can be merged through the non-member merge process.  If a guest is included in a non-member merge file, they will be merged into the member record.  Once the guest is merged into their member record, the guest's profile fields on the registration will be made read only to prevent the Primary Registrant from making changes to the member record.
  • For example:  Martha and George Washington are both members of the Alumni Association.  Martha registers for the 2014 Homecoming Event and adds George as her guest.  A non-member record is created for George.  As an admin, I can go into the Identity Checkpoint - Merge Data tool and import a non-member merge file with George's constituent ID and the Member ID created for the guest record.  This will merge the guest record into the constituent record.  Before the record is merged, Martha will be able to go into the registration and update George's profile fields like first name, last name, class year.  After the record is merged, these fields are displayed to the Primary Registrant as labels and no changes can be made.

Before the merge:

After the merge:

  • As a general rule, a non-member guest account cannot be merged into a Constituent ID that is already registered for the event.  This will prevent an admin from merging a guest record into the Primary Registrant's record.  If the admin attempts to merge a non-member guest account into a member account that is registered for the event, they will receive a message stating that the record failed to import successfully.