Non-member Record Merging

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Merging of Non-Member Records

When the email entered on a public-facing form matches an existing non-member record, the non-member account created during the process of interacting with the form is "linked" to the matching non-member record. Any credit card transaction associated with the form is immediately processed.

The data and any transaction associated with the non-member account are merged into the matched non-member account by an offline process. After merging, the non-member account created during the form completion process is deleted.

An admin does NOT review any data collected on a public-facing form prior to merging with the matched non-member record. The administrator cannot prevent the merging of the non-member account data created by the form completion process into the existing non-member record.

**NOTE - accounts created for Event guests are not part of the nightly non-member merge. They can be dealt with via the Identity Checkpoint Non-Member Merge file.