Add New Member

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Add New Member

NOTE: This is the process you will use to add one or two members, NOT an entire graduating class or large group of members. Encompass can import a large group for you or train you on the use of the Import tool.

1. From the Members menu, choose Add New Member. You will be placed into an empty profile form.

2. Enter as much information as you have for the new member.

Even though certain fields are marked as required, you are not required to fill in the information as an administrator. As a best practice, we recommend filling in at least first name, last name, and your community’s unique ID (member ID, constituent ID, etc.). If you fill in an email address for the member, you must also enter the email in the Confirm Email area.

3. Click the form navigation button (Next) at the bottom of the page to continue filling in information on the Profile form.

4. The new member will be created and ready to go through the first time login process.


Click here for information on Privacy Protected Records and non-exportable fields.