Notes Tab

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Notes Tab

The Notes Tab is a place for you to add a note to the member whose profile you are working in or viewing. Members are not able to view the Notes created by administrators.

1. There are three ways to get to the Notes Tab.

  • Select the Members dropdown menu and choose Edit Members.
  • Search for the member using Data Viewer. Click on the name of the person you need to work with from the query search results.
  • While viewing your information, use the Find Member Record option by your name.
    • Enter the name, email address, Encompass Member ID, or Constituent ID of the person you want to view.
      NOTE: Use quotation marks to search for an exact match.
    • As you type, results will be shown. Click on the name of the individual you want to select.
    • You will now be viewing that person’s information.

2. Click the Notes tab.

3. Click Add New Note.

4. Enter the note in the Comments area.

5. Click Next.

6. The note is added to the member's profile. The note can be edited or deleted by an admin (but cannot be viewed by the member).