Setting up a Recurring Email for Expiring Memberships

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For this example, we'll set up a Data Viewer query that allows you to automatically send a recurring email to members whose memberships are expiring in the next 45 days. (This includes memberships expiring at any time within those 45 days.)
1. Select Data Viewer.
2. Select Create a new query. Click Next.
3. Select to expand Custom Filters. (Generally, the last folder in the first column.)
4. Select Membership Filter. The Membership Filter contains search terms that are specific to the Membership function.
5. Enter or select the parameters for your search. For this example:

  • Expiration Date:
    • Check Membership will expire [exactly/between now and] __ days from now
      • Select between now and from the dropdown.
      • Enter 45 in the text box.
      • Membership will expire between now and _45_ days from now
  • Membership Status:  Select Current.

NOTE:  If you want to target people whose Membership expires in exactly 45 days, select exactly as the parameter for the Expiration Date.

6. Click Apply Query. The results of your query will show at the bottom of the page. You can select to exclude certain members by clicking the checkbox beside a member's name.

7. Preview Query Results at the bottom of the page. You can select members to exclude if needed.
8. Click Next.
9. You will need to save the query to use it in Email Marketing.
10. Under the boxes for saved query name and description, check the box to mark this saved query as an Email Marketing Segment.
11. You will be taken to the Lists and Segments page in Email Marketing. You will see your newly created segment in the grid. You can then begin a new email draft and you will apply this segment when choosing an audience. For information on creating an email draft, click here.