Membership Scheduled Payment Grace Period

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We have added a site setting for the Membership Scheduled Payment Grace Period that Encompass can configure. If you set the grace period to 0 days (default), it means there is no grace period, and the card gets charged indefinitely. If you have not configured the grace period for your site, this is the default behavior. If you change the grace period setting to anything greater than 0, it attempts to charge the card for the specified number of days in the grace period. Once the grace period ends, the system no longer charges the card. The membership will be put into a canceled status, deleted, and removed from the recurring billing grid.  

This grace period only applies to Membership Scheduled Payments. It does not apply to Membership Auto-Renewals.

Contact Application Support to enable the Membership Scheduled Payment Grace Period for your site.

For example:  

Today's Date - 8/7/2016

Next Payment Date - 8/7/2016

Grace Period - 5 days

Encompass will attempt to charge the card on 8/7, 8/8, 8/9, 8/10. On 8/11 the membership will be deleted and will be removed from the grid.  

NOTE:  Once the grace period has ended, the recurring billing gets deleted and removed from the grid. There is no way for admins to re-activate that recurring billing. A new membership need to purchase with a new payment schedule.