Credit Card Management

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The User Credit Card Management system allows your constituents to easily and securely update personal credit card information associated with recurring billing commitments with your institution. While your administrators are still able to update credit card information, the enhanced system offers a self-service model of convenience to constituents and decreased administrative time associated with credit card management for your institution. It provides automated notifications to constituents of upcoming credit card expiration and enables you to have customized messaging for scheduled and perpetual payments, and auto-renewal email notifications.

The system is comprised of two components:

  • Notification Emails: The User Credit Card Management system provides automated emails to your constituents based on upcoming billing commitments and credit card expiration dates. Email notifications are sent for advance notice of expiring cards as well as for recurring billing failures due to expired cards or other reasons for invalid credit cards. Email contains link back to a hidden SSL page in client Encompass website to update or replace credit card. See Recurring Billing Email Management for more information.

  • Credit Card Update Page: The Notification Emails contain links to the Credit Card Update Page. This securely-hosted, hidden page within your Encompass site map allows your constituents to update credit card expiration dates or other credit card information associated with specific recurring billing commitments. Constituents cannot change payment amounts or schedules, or cancel commitments.

The User Credit Card Management system applies to all of the Encompass recurring billing systems:

  • Online Giving Scheduled Payments
  • Online Giving Perpetual Payments
  • Memberships Auto Renewals
  • Memberships Scheduled Payments

Credit Card Update Page

  • Secure, hidden page in your community website that does not appear in the navigation
  • User does not have to log in to update their information
  • The credit card number obfuscated: 4***************42
  • The user can update the expiration date and billing information or change the credit card
  • System checks are in place to verify that a valid card number format has been entered
  • The credit card is not charged immediately. The transaction will take place in an overnight process.

NOTE: Any missed/catch-up payments will not be displayed to the user, but will be charged. For example, if the constituent missed 5 payments, the system charges them on 5 consecutive days for the missed payments until they are current. After that, they will make payments on the regular schedule again.