Categories - Online Giving Form

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A category is a container that holds fields. You can have multiple Categories in a Step.

Add New Category
1. From Manage Form, choose Add New Category.
2. Enter a name for the category and click .
3. The new category will be added to the form.

Add Existing Category
1. From Manage Form, choose Add Existing Category.
2. The Data Viewer will display in a new window showing existing forms and categories. Click   to open up the form you want and keep clicking on the   to drill down to the desired category.
3. Click on the category you want to use.
4. The options for using the existing category are shown below:

  • Copy (Reuse) - Copy will re-use the existing category and fields, and any changes made on the form will be saved on the original also.  This is the most commonly used option. 
  • Clone (Save As) - Clone will save the category under a new name without affecting the original category. Click on the checkbox to indicate if you want to include the fields.  The category can be customized without affecting the original category.
  • Move category - will take the category off of the form it is currently on and place it on the form you are building. 

5. Make your selection and click Next.
6. The category will be added to the form.

Editing Categories

  • Click Manage Category and choose Category Settings (Audience, Category Header, etc.).
  • To add text, click Manage Category and then choose Add Rich Text.
  • To remove a Category, click Manage Category and then choose Remove Category