Resending a Member Confirmation Email

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Access to resending the member confirmation email is found on the member’s profile page on the Transaction History tab.  Both constituents and admins will have the ability to resend the confirmation email.


  • If the member confirmation email option is turned off by the admin when creating the event, donation or membership campaign, then the option to resend the confirmation email will NOT be available.
  • This function is only available for transactions completed after this enhancement was deployed.
  • Resending a confirmation email will generate a copy of the original confirmation or the confirmation most recently sent to the member. Editing the content of the confirmation emails will not update or change the content for the confirmation emails you resend to members.

Resending the Member Confirmation Email to a Constituent

  1. Search the directory to find the constituent.  Select the constituent's profile.
  2. On the constituent's profile page, select the Transaction History Tab.
  3. Choose the Donation History, Event History, or Membership History tab depending on the type of transaction you are looking for.
  4. Select the Resend Confirmation Email link to resend the confirmation email for the transaction to the constituent.  (You can also select View Confirmation to look at the information that was sent to the constituent.)

Resending the Member Confirmation Email from the Submissions Grid

  1. Select the View Submissions  icon beside the Event, Donation or Membership campaign.
  2. Beside the constituent's name, select the gear dropdown and click Resend Confirmation Email.


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