Calendar Token on Event Finish Pages and Member Confirmation Emails

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The Add to my calendar  icon is added by default to event finish pages and event member confirmation emails for all newly created events.  This makes available an icalendar file to users that they can choose to add to their personal calendars.  iCalendar is a widely supported format across all major calendaring systems including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and many others.

The "Add to my calendar" option is enabled by a token [iCalURL] that has been added by default to all Event confirmation pages and member confirmation emails, and on the confirmation page in the Groups system. The token can be moved to other positions within the Event confirmation pages and emails by going into the form management tools for the Event.  There is no capability for clients to adjust the appearance of the token in the Groups system from the default positioning.

If you would like to add the icon to your previously created events, go to the Manage Forms dropdown for the event and select Member Confirmation Email or Review/Finish Page>Finish Page and add the [iCalURL] token in the text editor.

NOTE: The "Add to my calendar" option is not supported on the Event Detail (Event Center) page - just the confirmation page and the confirmation email.  For Events that also have related Activities, for this initial release the "Add to my calendar" will only pull in the main Event information. Future enhancements will enable the "Add to my calendar" option to also support adding Activity information to the user's calendar.