Name Badge Report

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This report will provide a report with the name of each Primary Registrant and Guest to facilitate creating name badges.

Use a simple field picker to select columns for a custom CSV file to import into your name tag / labeling software.  This can also be a type of mini ad hoc report capability for you to build a simple custom report with columns of your own choosing, outputted in CSV or the formatted Microsoft Office® and PDF options.

Manage Columns

From the Available Fields list in the center column or from the Forms area, select the fields you want to appear on the Name Badge.

Printing Name Badges

Avery, one of the largest producers of name badges and labels, has a free online product that clients can use to produce their name badge formats:

The CSV file from the new Name Badge standard report option can be uploaded directly into this system to produce name badges with the Avery templates and print products.