Registration Report

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The Registration Report is a list of all registrants (Primary Registrant and Guests) for the Event and the related Activities.  Each registrant is displayed on a row of their own under the Event and Activities they are registered to attend.  The following columns are included in the report:

  • Name - The Last Name, First Name of the registrant.
  • Constituent ID - The constituent ID of the registrant. 
  • Class Year - The class year of the registrant.
  • Email - The email address for the registrant.
  • Guest Of - Each guest that is registered will have the name of the person who registered them in the 'Guest Of' column.

The report is sorted by last name, so the Primary Registrant and their Guests will not always be grouped together.

Each Event and Activity will have a Totals section with the total number of Primary Registrants and the total number of Guests registered for the Event / Activity.

When an adjustment is done, or the Primary Registrant comes in and removes a guest from the Event and/or Activity, the guest row will be completely removed from the report.  (The report will not show that the guest was previously coming and was then removed.  The guest will just no longer show up.)