Event Forms Submissions Grid

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This grid provides a quick view of all constituents who have interacted with a form, event, donation or membership campaign.  A row will be added to the Submissions grid for the Primary Registrant and each Guest.  Only completed submissions will be displayed.  This means that if a user starts entering data on the form/event/campaign and then leaves before completing it, no information will be saved.

Click beside the event and select Submissions/Adjustments to link to the grid. 
The Submissions Grid displays Constituent Name, Constituent ID, Profile Data Change from Pre-populate Link, Total($), Registered By, Email, and Date Submitted.

Resend the Confirmation Email

The gear icon next to the constituent's name allows you to Resend the Confirmation Email to the member.  If this option was not activated on the form, then you will not have the option to resend the confirmation email.  If an admin completes the standard (non-commerce) form on behalf of the member, the ability to resend the confirmation is not available. 

The confirmation email found under the gear icon on the Guest row will resend the original confirmation email sent to the Guest.  This Resend Confirmation Email option is only available for the Guest if the option to send them the confirmation email was selected during the initial registration.


The gear  icon next to the constituent's name also allows you to adjust the member's purchases.  See the Adjustments - Events page for more information.

Profile Data change from Pre-populate Link

  • If the data was changed on the Primary Registrant record when accessing the event form through the Pre-populate link, the submissions grid will continue to show a 'Data Changed' status on the Primary Registrant row.  
  • If data was changed on the Guest record when accessing the event form through the Pre-populate link, the submissions grid will not show a Data Changed status because the Guest is a non-member.  The status will be blank. 

More Actions
You have the option to select rows of data to Export to a csv file.