Events Tab

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Events Tab

The Events tab contains several child tabs which have various functions.

Manage Events Child Tab

  • Create New Event allows you to create a new Event.
  • Refresh - Click the button (or refresh the page) to have a real-time update of the statistics in the grid.  Selecting to expand an event to see the activity data will also load statistics from the cached table. Below the grid the date and time of the last grid update is noted.  The data in the grid will automatically refresh every 3 hours.
  • dropdown allows you to:
    • Edit Event - Manage the display properties of the Event including Dates and Time, Calendars and/or Listings that include the Event, custom URL, Audience roles, Registration Settings, Description, Location and Contact information.
    • Attendee List - View and manage the Attendee List for this Event.
    • Commerce Items - Manage any ticket or merchandise commerce items that are enabled for this Event or related Activities.
    • Create Reports - Generate an export or report of the Event data.
    • Import into Event - Import offline and/or historical data into this particular Event.
    • Submissions - See completed event registrations, purchases.  Also gives access to resend the confirmation email to a member.
    • De-activate Event - Disable the Event from showing to members.  All reporting and data values of the Event remain in the system, but the Event is no longer viewable by your members.
    • Delete Event - Deleting the Event will delete all data in the system that has been collected by the Event.

    NOTE: Edit Profile is the Form that is used to import new members into the online community database.

Event History Child Tab
The Event History area will provide a look at the event payment history for the person whose name is at the top of the window.

1. To view information on another person, click Find Member Record. This will allow you to do a quick search.
2. Enter the name of the person you want to view and click   to search the database.
3. Click   to select a name from the list.
4. You will now be viewing that person’s Event History.
5. If any adjustments need to be made, use Adjust. This will keep your ticketing accurate for the event. If you need to do a refund back to a person’s credit card, you will need to work with your internet merchant.

Reporting Child Tab
This area provides quick access to view, manage and create Event Reports and exports.

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