Email Size Limits

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iModules has put Email size limits in place and will not allow an email to be released that has any single image that is larger than 800KB, or any email that in total is over 1MB.  If either of these scenarios are identified, then the system will display an error message on the Release Email step identifying the specific image(s) that is over the limit, and/or if the total email size is over 1MB.  The image(s) will need to be resized outside of the Encompass system.

NOTE:  The image size limit only applies to images in Email Marketing.

This is a very rare occurrence, and as a best practice, emails should be a small as possible, especially since such a large portion of constituents are now viewing emails on their phones.  We believe this will affect a small minority of client email sends and improve email performance.   These limits are in line with industry standards, in fact, Constant Contact has a size limit of 350KB for individual images.


On the Release Email step, the size of the email will be calculated.  If any of the individual images are over 800 KB or the entire email is over 1MB, then a message will appear to the admin and the email will not be sent.

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