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Verify the specifics of the email such as Email Name, From Name, From Email, Estimated number of recipients and the date for which the email is scheduled. Select Save & Continue or Done to send the email to the specified distribution list.

  • An email cannot be sent until all parts of the checklist have been completed.

The email will then be placed in the Released Email grid. You will have an opportunity to make changes to the email up until the time it is sent. To edit an email, select the cog  dropdown menu beside the email, and choose Move to Drafts from the pop-up box. (The check mark by the Release Email step will be grayed out and you must send another Preview before the email can be released.)

Once an email is sent from the Released Email grid, it cannot be recalled or retracted.

Email Author Admin Right

This admin right will not have the ability to “Release” an email for sending. Using this right, clients will have greater control over their email communications by assigning the right for creating communications to certain employees, but limit the ability to release the email for sending to a more select group.

The "Email Author" admin right allows the admin to complete all stages associated with creating an email, but they do not have access to release the email for delivery.

  • If the Email Author admin also has the Member Admin right, then they will be able to see the "Send to Email Marketing" option on the last step of the Data Viewer flow.
  • If the Email Author admin also has rights to manage Events, they will be able to access the Attendee List and choose "Send to Email Marketing" from Attendee List Admin Tools.
  • Super Admins and those assigned to the "Communications Admin" right will retain the ability to release emails.
NOTE:  To remove a Communications admin's ability to release emails, they must be removed from the "Communications Admin" admin role/right, and the Email Author admin right must be added.
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