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Use pre-defined templates and layouts for your email, or learn how to create your own:

Creating an Email Design Template (this method allows you to use Skin Builder)

Using Legacy and Custom Design Templates/Layouts (this method gives you access to legacy email tools and templates, but not the Skin Builder functionality)

Also see Mobile Ready Email Templates.

NOTE:  When creating Custom One-Time and Recurring emails, the first three templates will be Mobile Ready templates.  These email templates and layouts will be in place for all clients, whether your website is mobile-ready or not.  All existing content building tools for creating emails will operate as they currently do.

Using Pre-defined Templates and Layouts

1. Create your email message using the Create Custom Email process and select Choose Template.

2.  Select a Layout.

3.  Select a Design Template. (The Design Templates that are available will change based on the Layout you have chosen.)

4.  Click Save & Continue to Build Content for your email (or choose Done).

NOTE : Refer to Create Custom Email for more detailed help in completing your custom email.  Also see Mobile Ready Email Templates.
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