Global Email Settings

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Global Email Settings
Enable the BCC option for emails.  This setting allows you to have specific email addresses receive copies of all email marketing communications that are sent from the community. There is an additional option to have a copy of each email sent to the BCC addresses as soon as the Release Email step is completed.

  • Enable BCC option - Check this box to enable the BCC option for emails.
  • Add BCC addresses:  Enter the email address and click Add.
  • Send copy of email on release - Sends a preview email to the BCC list when the Release Email step is completed (before the email is sent to the distribution list at the scheduled time).

NOTE:  BCC recipients will see the following message on the email they receive:

** You are receiving this email because you have been designated to receive a copy of all Email Marketing communications when they are sent.
Any personalization tokens have been replaced with data values, when available, of the Admin who created the email**

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