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On the Email Marketing Homepage, admins can begin the process of creating an email, manage various admin tasks, see the status of a draft email, and view and work with released and historical emails.

Create New Email

Begin the process of generating a new email message by selecting the type of email you'd like to create and send:

Custom One-Time Email
Recurring Custom Email
Express Email

Custom Emails provide flexibility by allowing you to use multiple templates, reuse saved custom templates, reuse saved content, and let you bring in items from the online community to connect people to the site. Custom Emails can be sent on a one-time or recurring basis.

Express Emails are great for quick, one time emails that generally are more text heavy and that don’t require a template. (There is no “preview” option in the content creation area for Express Emails.)  An Express Email is a condensed version of the Custom Email functionality. The checklist is the same, except the user will not see the Select Template task. The user simply enters the body of the Email in the Content Editor provided in the Build Content step.

Admin Tools

  • Global Email Settings Enable the BCC option for emails.  This setting allows you to have specific email addresses receive copies of all email marketing communications that are sent from the community.
  • Design Templates :  View a thumbnail and delete previously created email templates.
  • Saved Content :  View a thumbnail and delete previously created content.
  • Custom Lists :  View and delete saved distribution lists. Create a new custom email distribution list.
  • Email Categories :  Email categories are used to group emails according to subject and to allow members to opt-out of specific categories, so they only receive the emails they want.  General Information is the default Email Category.
NOTE :  Super Admins and Communications Admins have the ability to create new email categories.

Managing Email Preferences for a user
A user's email preferences can be managed on the Subscription Management tab on the Edit My Info profile form. Only the "Active" Email Categories will appear on the Subscription Management tab.

    • Check the box to subscribe a user to an Email Category.
    • Uncheck the box to unsubscribe a user from an Email Category.

Saved Drafts, Released Emails and Email History Grids
These grids provide summary information which allows you to manage your email marketing efforts.   The More Info dropdown lets you Print, Export to csv or Delete emails.  You can select a few emails or all emails in a grid to work with.

Saved Drafts
This table shows a list of emails currently in progress that have not yet been sent.  The columns show the steps that have been completed (green) and which are still incomplete (gray). Here are the additional options you have for Saved Drafts under the cog   icon (The options will change based on the steps you have completed):

  • Email Details
  • Build Email Content
  • View Email
  • Choose Recipients
  • Recipient List - Download and view the components of your list (if a list has been created).
  • Schedule Email
  • Send Preview
  • Re-use Email (NOTE:  When this option is selected for draft emails which do not have content, admins will see a pop-up window notifying them to add content to the email before copying it for re-use.)
  • Release Email
  • Delete Email

Released Emails

This table shows a list of the currently scheduled emails. These are the emails which are currently queued up to be sent on specific individual or recurring future dates / times.  Here are the additional options you have for Released Emails:

  • Edit Email Details
  • View Email
  • Recipient List - Download and view the components of your list.
  • Send Preview
  • Move to Drafts
  • Delete Email

To edit a Released Email (that has not yet been sent), click on the cog  dropdown menu and then select Move to Drafts.  This will move the email to the Saved Drafts grid where you can make the necessary changes. The email will not send at its scheduled time while in the Saved Drafts grid. You will need to Preview and Release Email again to move it back to the Released Email section.

NOTE:  If an email is deleted or moved to back to drafts AFTER it has started sending, it will still completely send. Moving the email back to drafts while it's sending will NOT stop it from being sent.  For assistance with emails, please contact Application Support.

To Edit Email Details only, click the cog  dropdown menu and select Edit Email Details.  This will take you to the email details page where you can make updates.  Email Authors will NOT be able to updated the email from the Released grid.
NOTE: Please be aware that any changes made less than an hour before the scheduled sending time may not be reflected in the email that is sent.  If it is close to sending time, it is better to select Move to Drafts to make sure your changes are in the email.

Email History
These are the emails which you or other administrators have sent in the past.  Here are the options you have for emails in this section.

  • View Email
  • Recipient List - Download and view the components of your list.
  • Email Exception Report - View and download a list of intended recipients to whom an email was NOT sent with the reason it was not sent. 
  • Send Preview
  • Reuse Email (move to Saved Drafts for editing)
  • Delete Email
NOTE:  When you reuse an historical email, the email will remain the same type as the original email (One-time custom, Recurring Custom or Express).

Standard Page Navigation Buttons in the Email Builder
Using the Back, Save & Continue, and Done buttons on an individual content page automatically saves the data thus marking the step as complete. The exception to this would be if required data on the content page is not provided. In this case, the user is prevented from leaving the screen; however, Cancel is always available.
Cancel leaves the content page without saving the content changes being made. If the page has never been saved and the Cancel action is taken, then the checklist step is not selected or checked. However, if the item information had been saved in a prior session, the Cancel returns the information to the prior saved state.
Both the Cancel and Done buttons return the user back to the grid view on the Email home page.

Preview Mode
Clicking this option will give you the opportunity to see what your message will look like when received by various members. This mode removes all the Admin icons and gives a more realistic view of the finished email.


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