Event Transaction History - Profile

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A constituent's Event Transaction History is broken out into Upcoming Events and Past Events. It displays all the events (commerce and non-commerce) for which the constituent registered in chronological order by event date.


Clicking on the Event Name will show the event details. The event details will provide the constituent with the Event name, date, time and location of the event. In addition, there will be a submissions history for the event to show the constituents when the initial registration was processed, along with a submission for any edits that were made to the event and any adjustments that were made to the event. The ability to resend the confirmation email will be available for the original submission and and edited submissions.

NOTE: Any changes made to the event by the admin will be displayed in the member's profile history.

There will also be a View Confirmation details button that will take the constituent to a page to view their confirmation details with the ability to print these details. One thing to note is that the confirmation details and the confirmation pages are only for that submission, meaning that you will not see the current status of the event registration, but will instead see the details of that submission.

When a donation is made on an event, the donation amount and the campaign name are shown in the event details.

Business Rules

  • If no start time or end time have been provided for an event, then only the start date and end date will be displayed.
  • If the registration has been edited, the constituent will see the new submission with a Resend Confirmation Email button next to it. They will receive the confirmation email for the edited submission only.
  • After an admin has adjusted a registration, the user will not see a Resend Confirmation Email button next to the adjustment and will not be able to have those changes sent in an email.
  • The donation amount displayed is for the amount charged during the event submission, so if the user is breaking up a gift of $25 into 5 payments, they'll only see $5 for the donation amount in the Event History details.
  • For the initial release, guests that are merged into their constituent account will not see the event details under their profile. We will be doing follow-on work to add this functionality.