Social Icons

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Choose the 3rd party social integrations along with the social media icons that will be available on the member Profile Page in your community. 

Admins can:

  • Select which integrations you want to be available to members
  • Determine the sort ordering of the selections both in the social category and in the presentation of the icons in the Profile Page header
  • Swap out the default logos with icons of your own design.
  • If you choose to not enable any Social integrations then the Social category will not appear in the constituent Profile Page

The supported integration options are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Vine
  • Google+


Click to Edit, Activate or Deactivate the Social Icons for the profile.

NOTE:  Social icons will not display on a member's profile page until they have entered usernames for the social media icons.


Allows you to change the default image (icon) used for that social media option on the member Profile Page in your community.  The image should be 32x32 pixels.


Enable the social media option and icon on the member Profile Page in your community. 

The super admin or profile admin will be able to determine the social icons they want to make available on the social category found on the profile form.  By default these social icons will be disabled.  To activate a social icon on the site, select the Activate option from the gear next to the social icon.

Activating the social icon will add a field for that social application to the social category on profile form


Disable the social media option and icon on the member Profile Page in your community. 

Once a social icon has been activated, the option in the gear changes to deactivate to allow you to turn off that icon on your site.  Activating and deactivating the social icons can occur at anytime, even after a member has entered information into the field on the profile form


Change Sort Order

Click the Change Sort Order button to set the order in which the icons will display on the member Profile Page in your community. This will open a new page that allows the admin to change the order of the icons displaying in the profile header.  Click Save to save your changes.

Only the icons that the member has associated an account with will be displayed in the member's profile header.  These icons in the profile header will appear in the order that is configured through the Social Icons tool, not the order the fields are displayed on the form.  

Exporting and Importing Social Icons

The social icon fields are listed as available fields to be exported through Data Viewer, through the export form reporting on the Main Profile Form (Form ID 271), and through the quick fields list.

The export will provide the admin with the username the member entered for the social icon selected.

All of the social icons that are activated on the site are now available to be include in an import file.  The admin would enter the username for the member in the social icon field and it will be imported into their profile.

NOTE: Clients should take special care to not edit the URL associated with the user's personal page on the social site as there is a specific token to support unique user keys in those systems

The column header names for the social icons are as follows:

  • vine_username
  • pinterest_username
  • linkedin_username
  • facebook_username
  • instagram_username
  • tumblr_username
  • googleplus_username
  • twitter_username