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Choose Sub-communities from the Community menu.

Sub-community Snapshot

This grid shows a list of all the sub-communities in your community.  Click on the name of the sub-community to go to the sub-community's homepage. Click on a column name to sort the data in the grid.  Click the arrows to collapse or expand each area of the grid.

Community - Name of the community
Type -
Type of community: Main community, Regular sub-community or Sealed sub-community
Date Created 
- Date the community was created
Last Admin Activity
- Date of the last admin update to the community
Last Group Email Sent -
Date the most recent group email was sent
Members -
Number of people who have joined the community
- Number of groups in the community
Groups Emails Sent  -
Number of emails sent from the community
Log-Ins  -
Number of times people have logged in to access the community
Profile Activity -
Number of profile updates/actions
Photo Activity 
- Number of photo updates/actions
Class Notes Activity - Number of class notes updates/actions
Jobs Activity - Number of job posting updates /actions
Classified Activity - Number of classifieds updates/actions
Message Posting Activity - Number of Message posting updates/actions

Search/Filter Sub-communities

  • Enter the search term in the Community or Type text box and click .  You'll see a dropdown list of criteria for filtering your search.  Select one of the options to search.
  • Filter by date:  Select a time frame for the data by entering a start date and an end date in the Show activity boxes.

NOTE:  Click Generate Report to get a report based on the search.

Edit a Sub-community

1.  Check the box beside a sub-community.

2. Click Edit.  Edit the sub-community information.

3. Click Update (at the bottom of the page).

Delete a Sub-community

1. Check the box beside a sub-community.

2. Click Delete  (at the bottom of the page).

3. A confirmation message will display. Click OK to complete the process of deleting the sub-community.


Generate Report

  • Select Generate Report to get a .csv file of all the sub-community date in the grid. 
  • Customize your report:
    • Select a time frame for the data.  Enter a Start Date and an End Date in the Show activity boxes.
    • Or enter a search term in the Community or Type boxes to customize your report
    • Click Generate Report to get a .csv file.


Sub-community Members

Click Import Members to add members to a sub-community by Constituent ID or by selecting from a list of members.
Click Delete Membersto remove members from a sub-community by Constituent ID or by selecting from a list of members.

Import Members

1. Click Import Members.

2. Choose one of the options shown below for importing members: 

  • Import by entering Constituent IDs
  • Import by search for members

3. Click Next.

4. Enter the Constituent IDs or Create a Query depending on the option you chose above and click Next.

5. Select the Sub-community you want the member(s) placed into and click Preview.

6. Click Finish.


Delete Members

1. Click Delete Members.

2. Select the sub-community you want to delete members from as well as choosing how you want to delete: 

  • Delete members by Constituent ID
  • Delete from a list of current members

3. Click Continue.

4. Select the member(s) you want to delete from the sub-community.  Use the Control or Shift keys to multi-select.

5. Click Delete.

6. You will be shown a list of the members who will be deleted from the sub-community. Click Finish to complete the process of deleting the member from the sub-community.


Add Members to a Sub-Community using a Data Viewer Query
Select a sub-community from the Available sub-communities dropdown, then build a query using Data Viewer to automatically add members to a sub-community.  Membership will be automatically updated nightly.

For example,
for an Accounting Department sub-community:

  • Select the Accounting Department sub-community from the dropdown
  • Create a query (or use a saved query) to find all constituents in the Accounting Department.  (Department = Accounting)
  • Save the query.  It's best to give it the same or similar name as the sub-community.  (If you don't give the query a name, the system assigns one. It can be edited in the saved query list in Data Viewer.)

Constituents who meet the criteria for the query will be added to sub-communities in the nightly processing.  This process will also remove from a sub-community a member that no longer meets the criteria defined in the query.

Constituents that are added or removed from a sub-community by an admin action are excluded from being added/removed from existing or future saved sub-community queries that drive sub-community membership.

Click  to delete a query.  Click OK in the confirmation box to complete the deletion.

Click on the Query Name to view the specifics of the query.

NOTE:  Only one (1) query can be used for each sub-community.