Admin Rights and Directory Results

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These are the admin rights that have access to administratively managing member records from the Directory results.

Directory results do not return Privacy Protected records (PPR).  Admins (with the PPR admin right) will only find a PPR record by enabling the PPR checkbox in Data Viewer, looking up constituents with Find Member Record, or going to the constituent's Profile Page.

NOTE:  PPR Admin is an additive right only; as a standalone right, it does not provide access for administrative rights to member records - you must add it to an existing Super Admin or Member Admin.

Admin Type

Regular member record 

Is hidden

Is directory hidden



Super Admin X X X - X
Member Admin X X X - X
Profiles Admin X - - - -
Manage Class Notes X - - - -
Manage Classifieds X - - - -
Photos Admin X - - - -
Groups Admin X - - - -
PPR Admin - - - - -