Auto-save feature on text editors

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The auto-save feature saves a version of the work in the editor every 2 minutes, so when you log back into Encompass, you have the option to continue working with the latest version. This feature works on both the admin side of Encompass (Events, Donations, Memberships, Forms, and Legacy Email) and the CMS side of Encompass. This feature only works in the Edit mode. For example, if the admin adds rich text to a form and logs out because of session expiry, the unsaved content does not get saved. The auto-save feature works if the admin edits the preexisting texts on the page.



Admin Flow

While working on the admin editor, if the connection fails or the user closes the window before saving, the editor tool can save the versions and recover the unsaved version.

When you return to the editor, you can see a message at the top stating Unsaved data was found for one or more content editors on this page. An additional message states, The following unsaved content from time and date was found, with a Restore and Delete link. The editor displays the unsaved content in the editor to allow the admin to see the latest version of the content.

The admin cannot enter anything new into the editor until they select the Restore or Delete option.

If you select the Restore link, you can continue editing the latest auto-saved version of the content. Once Restore is selected, you can't go back to the version without the unsaved content.

If you select Delete, a message gets displayed asking you to confirm that you want to delete the unsaved content. If the admin confirms they wish to delete, the content in the editor returns to what was last manually saved by the admin. Once Delete is selected, you can't go back to the version with the unsaved content.

If you select Save before selecting to Recover or Delete the unsaved content, a check is in place to not let the admin move forward, and an error message gets displayed at the top of the page. If there is no Save option, then the validation occurs on whatever option takes the admin to the next page. This could be a Preview option, a Next option, or a Submit option. The admin can not proceed through the flow until they select 'Restore' or 'Delete'.  

If you select Cancel, the editor gets closed, and you get redirected to the previous page. The next time you go into the editor, the Restore and Delete options message will still show up.

Additional Business Rules

  • A version of the admin's work in the editor will be auto-saved by default every 2 minutes.  
  • This feature applies to editors on the admin side of Encompass and on the CMS side.
  • Encompass does not keep an archive of the auto-saved versions.
  • The auto-save feature works even after the admin logs out. 
  • There are some scenarios where auto-save is either not viable from a technical standpoint or a usage standpoint.  In general, this functionality will not be available when adding content to an editor that does not have a saved instance already.
    • Auto-save is not available when you select View Content (on the Manage Forms page) for events, memberships, and campaigns.
    • Auto-save functionality is not available when creating a page through the sitemap.

NOTE: Session timeout is 2 hours for regular web servers (content pages) and 2 hours for administrative and secure boxes ( and domains).  Note that it does not matter WHO or WHERE you are.  That timeout is killed by the application (as long as the cookie is still valid).  If the user deleted the cookie then they will be logged out. For new registration model events and eventually, for all form types in Encompass, there is a timer that starts when the user clicks Next on the Billing page and finishes when they click Confirm on the confirmation page.  This timer defaults to 20 minutes and controls how long user billing information is stored.