Manage Images

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Categories and Images in the Image Library will only be available in the channel/pages where you add them.  If you would like the images to be available site-wide, go to the [root] Home Navigation page on the site map to add your images.

Manage Images

1. Click Images. On the left side of the screen you’ll see the categories that contain images.  On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the images in the selected category. 

 NOTE: Based upon the administrative rights you have, you may or may not see all of the options discussed below. The statement on the left portion of the screen indicates you will have options when you right click on a category.

2. The options available to you when you right click a category you inherited will be:

3. The options available to you when you right click a category you created will be:

4. You can also Edit, View or Delete Images

Create Category

1. Right click on a category.

2. Click Create Category.

3. Enter a Category Name and select the Audience.  You can allow everyone or only certain members to view the information.

  • Everyone - Audience does not need to be logged in to view this content.
  • Logged In - Members must be logged in to view this content.
  • Role - Only members who fit the criteria for a certain role (i.e., Class of 1992, Current Students, or Female alumni) will be able to see this content.  Choose from the previously created list of roles in the dual list box and use the arrows to select.
    • Deny Access to the following:  You may also exclude certain groups from the Audience by using this checkbox.  Then, choose from the previously created list of roles and use the arrows to select a group to exclude.

 For example, you could include Everyone in the Audience except the Class of 2008:
    - Select Everyone in the first list box.
    - Click the checkbox to Deny Access to the following.
    - Select Class of 2008 in the second list box.

4. Click Save.

Edit Category

1. Right click on a category.

2. Click Edit Category.

3. You will see the Category Name and Audience for the Category. Make the necessary changes.

4. Click Save when you are finished.

Delete Category

1. Right click on a category.

2. Click Delete Category.

3. A confirmation box will appear. Click Confirm  to delete the category.


Edit Image

1. Click   for the image you want to edit.

2. The image information will be displayed. Make changes to the category or the File Description/Caption.

3. Click Save to save changes.


View Image in a Larger Size

1. Click for the image you want to view.

2. The image as well as the image information will be shown.

3. Click   to hide the window.


Delete Image

1. Click  for the image you want to delete.

2. A confirmation message will appear. To delete, click OK.

Add Image

Click Add Image, or right click on a Category/File and pick Add Image.

Locate the images on the computer you want to upload to the system.

NOTE:  You must re-size or change the dimensions of your image before uploading it to the Image Uploader.  No more than 100 photos, with no individual photo exceeding 10MB in size may be uploaded in a single batch.




Click the plus sign (or drag and drop your photos onto the page).  Locate the images on your computer and select the image(s) you want to upload.  Hold down the Shift key to select multiple images.

Use the Categories area to decide where the image should be placed. An image may be placed in multiple categories by using the Control key.

Click the Save button to upload the images.  Click Close to exit the uploader.

Image Caption

Click the pencil icon on the image.  Enter the caption/description in the File Description text box and click Save.  The caption will appear when users hover over the image with their mouse

Click Save to save your changes.

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