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  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add a Schedule.
  2. Hover over the Content Modules dropdown menu.
  3. Move to the Schedule option and hover over it.  The mouse cursor will change to  . You can then click and hold on the Schedule  to drag and drop it onto the page.  The module will be place above the area that is shaded in light blue.
NOTE:  Before you add a Schedule to your page, you should have already created Locations, Teams/Organizations and Time Frames within the Settings menu.


Setting the Team/Organization and Editing the Schedule Module

1. Click Content Builder  to enable it. The light bulb will turn yellow.

2. Floating toolbars will now appear when you hover over each module that is on the page. Click   when the toolbar for the Schedule is displayed.

3. Schedule Title:  Edit the title as needed.

4. Select Team/Organization: Select a Team/Organization from the dropdown list.

5. Select Time Frame:  The Time Frames available to choose from are shown. If you want the system to display the “current” Time Frame, don’t change anything in this box.

6. Enable Auto Rollover: By default, this box is checked. This keeps the schedule view at “current” based upon the date.

7. Audience:  Select the Audience for the Schedule. You can allow everyone or only certain members to view the information.

  • Everyone - Audience does not need to be logged in to view this content.
  • Logged In - Members must be logged in to view this content.
  • Role- Only members who fit the criteria for a certain role (i.e., Class of 1992, Current Students, or Female alumni) will be able to see this content.  Choose from the previously created list of roles in the dual list box and use the arrows to select. 
    • Deny Access to the following:  You may also exclude certain groups from the Audience by using this checkbox.  Then, choose from the previously created list of roles and use the arrows to select a group to exclude.  
    • For example, you could include Everyone in the Audience except the Class of 2008: 
                      - Select Everyone in the first list box.
                      - Click the checkbox to Deny Access to the following. 
                      - Select Class of 2008 in the second list box.

8.  Click Next.

Adding Schedule Items

1. Click .

2. Based upon the layout created for the Schedule, you can enter several items. The required items are * marked.

3. Click Next when you have all of the necessary information filled in. You then have the following options:

  • Create another Schedule Item - If you select this option and click Next, you will complete steps 1-3 again.
  • Exit Wizard - If you select this option and click Next, the system adds the items and redirects back to the Schedule.

Editing Schedule Items

1. Click   for the item you want to edit.

2. The existing information will be displayed. Make the necessary changes.

3. Click Next.

Deleting Schedule Items

1. Click  for the item you want to delete.

2. A confirmation To Delete window will be displayed. Click OK  to delete the item.