News Listing

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Add a News Listing Module

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add a Listing.

  2. Click the Content Modules drop-down list.
    Select News Listing and hover over the arrow; the News Listing Type options will be shown. When you hover over a News Listing Type, the mouse cursor will change to. You can then click and hold on the News Listing Type to drag and drop it onto the page.

    Manage Module Settings
    Manage Article Order
    Edit a Listing Module Display Format
    Create and Manage News Articles

    Manage Module Settings

    1.  Click Content Builder to make it active. The light bulb will change to yellow. Click  to edit the News Listing module. The first items you can edit are the Content Module Name and Audience.

    Audience - Specify the audience who can see this module. You can allow everyone or only certain members to view the information.  The default is Everyone.

    • Everyone - Audience does not need to be logged in to view this content.
    • Logged In - Members should log in to see the content.
    • Role - Only members who fit the criteria for a certain role (i.e., Class of 1992, Current Students, or Female alumni) should see this content.
      Choose from the previously created list of roles in the dual list box and use the 
      arrows to select. 
      • Deny Access to the following:  You may also exclude certain groups from the audience by using this checkbox. Then, choose from the previously created list of roles and use the arrows to select a group to exclude. 
        For example, you could include Everyone in the audience except the Class of 2008:
                     - Select Everyone in the first list box.
                     - Click the checkbox to Deny Access to the following.
                     - Select Class of 2008 in the second list box.

    2.  You can also modify the Display Options (shown below).

    • Display Limit: This sets the maximum number of items that can display. Enter the number of news articles you would like to show on the page. If you have lots of articles or a lot of other content on the page, this is an excellent way to limit the amount of space taken up by news articles.

    • Order By: Options are Custom, Reverse Chronological, Chronological, or Content Name (alphabetical). 
      • Reverse Chronological - Shows the most recent items at the top of the listing - this is the default mode for News Listings so that the most recent News article appears at the top of the listing.
      • Chronological - Shows the items in the order that they appear in terms of dates ( today's items first, followed by those for tomorrow, etc.). This is the default mode for Event listings.
      • Content Name - Organizes the items alphabetically.
      • Custom - Select this if you want to apply a custom sort order to a listing. If enabled, an additional sorting icon appears where you can set sort order for the listing items.
      • Group by Date: This groups the products according to given dates, such as all items for 3/1/18, all items for 3/2/18, and so on.

    • Enable Rolling Dates: Enables the content and calendar automatically to roll over to the new month/year. This setting determines if the listing shows only the current week or monthly listing of items via the date filter or if it will show seven days or thirty days out from the current date.  For example, enabling this setting means that the listing will show all items in a monthly view thirty days from today; but if not enabled, it will show only those items, both past and upcoming, for the current month.

    • RSS Options
      • Enable RSS: Use this checkbox to enable or disable an RSS Feed for the Listing / Calendar. Checking this option adds an RSS icon at the bottom of the News content block and allows users to automatically sign up to receive this information's RSS feed. 
      • Enable Custom XML: Enables you to reuse text.  For Admin use only. This enables client developers to define custom XML output for this Listing / Calendar.  This option only appears on the website to authorized administrators.
        • NOTE:  this is something you will need to develop on your own. You will need to find and configure an application to consume the feed.

    • Filter Options: Selecting one or more of these options adds a drop-down menu at the top of the News Listing to filter the articles shown.
      • Show Date Filter:  Filter articles by date and allow users to filter the Listing / Calendar by weekly or monthly views. This also uses the Enable Rolling Dates setting above.
      • Show Content Filter: Filter articles based on their content. It also allows users to filter the content of a Listing / Calendar by the various Content Types included in that Listing / Calendar.
      • Show Archive Filter:  Filter archived information. Provide users a drop-down filter for retrieving archive content. The admin view of this filter includes any future items to be published at a later date.

    • Show Title: Selecting this option adds the page title above the News Listing or allows you to enter a custom title using the content editor. Use this option and custom tokens to format the heading of the listing. The available tokens are in the Tokens drop-down embedded in the Content Editor. These tokens will display a data range based on whether the Enable rolling dates setting is on or off. 
      If on, the date range will be from today to thirty (or seven) days out.
      If off, then the date range will be just for that current month (or week).

      The short or long version of the token refers to the display as 12/14/18 or December 14, 2018.

    3.  Content Options:  Select the Content-Type for your module.

    • Content Types: Use the multi-select list box to automatically identify which available Content Types you want to include in this Listing / Calendar.  Use the Ctrl or shift keys to select / de-select multiple items in this list.
    • Community Content Options: Indicate here if you want News Items (News Listing) created in the legacy systems of the Online Community to be included automatically in this listing.

    NOTE: You will NOT mark the box to include Community News since you will only be working in the new tools.

    4. Click Save and then Load Content. Content Module Name: Enter the name for this particular Listing / Calendar. It can also be edited.

    Manage Article Sort Order

    1.  If you set the Order By: to Custom, you will see. Clicking on this icon allows you to edit the order of the articles.

    2.  Click on the item and use the ‘Move’ direction buttons to arrange the articles.

    3.  Click Save.