Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the help buttons?

The help icons are located on the Admin view of the site. You will see a blue question mark  at the top of the page next to the page title.


How do I add an attendee to an event (register for a member)?

On the admin view of the event, use the Find Member Record link at the top of the page to find the record of the member you want to register for the event.  Once you find them, click on the green check mark and you will then be viewing the event as that member.  Just complete the form as they would have done (if there is a commerce item driving registration, select that) and submit it.  If a commerce item drives registration you will be given the option to complete the billing step if you have the member's billing information. Or as an admin, you can skip the billing step for that member and on the report it will appear as if the member completed and paid for the commerce item.

How do I remove attendees from events?

On the admin view of the event,  click Find Member Record at the top, and type in the attendee's name to locate their account. Click on the green check mark  by the correct name, and you will then be viewing the event as that member.

  •    New Event -  If the event is ticket-based or has commerce tied to it, and you want to unregister the constituent and/or refund the purchase, click on the Event History tab (still viewing the member’s account).  From this tab, expand the event and click the Adjust button. This will unregister the person as well as adjust the amount in event reporting.  To refund the purchased amount, you will need to contact your payment gateway.
  •    Legacy Event -  If the event is RSVP registration (meaning you are asking “Are you attending?”), you will change the value from Yes to No. Then click Save and Continue to complete the registration.

When you are finished, click your name in the top right corner to go back to viewing your own admin account.

How do I set an event for public view but require login for the form?

If you want a form/event/donation/membership description page to be seen by everyone but require login to actually complete the form, it is possible with a workaround.

    In Content Properties, set the form audience to be seen by Everyone and Allow unregistered users direct access to the form.
    To set the actual form to require login, select View Content to view the form from the constituent view.  You’ll want to get to the actual form page where you see the fields to set this up correctly.  While on this form page, select the Content tab, then Site Map.  On the Page Properties for the page, set the Audience to Logged In.  Click Save.
        NOTE: If you make any changes to the Content Properties for your form/event/donation/membership, you will need to go back in to the Site Map to reset the Audience to Logged In.  (It will automatically revert to the same audience that was set for the form.)
    Now everyone will be able to see the Form/Event/Donation/Membership description page, but once they actually click on the Register/Donate/Purchase button, they will be prompted to login before being able to complete the form.

On my fee-driven event users are unable to add a guest.  Why are they prompted to add a quantity again?

Fee driven events requires a fee/commerce item for each registrant.  For a fee-driven event where you are collecting guest information, a registration fee dropdown field is recommended.  A registration fee dropdown will force a one-to-one ratio ensuring that for every guest entered an item is purchased.


Why was the 2nd recurring payment not charged on the 15th or 1st of the next month?

The system requires a full month between monthly payments.  A payment set up after the 15th of a month, where the user selected payments on the 15th, will skip a month.  A payment set up after the 1st of a month, where the user selected payments on the 1st, will skip a month.


Why doesn’t my new super admin have access to the content toolbar?

There are two kinds of admin rights on our sites.  

  • Community rights are assigned under the gold key.  These rights grant access to the back end of the site where forms and data live.
  • Content rights are assigned from the content side of the site, under Settings > Manage Admins.
How do I add Community Rights vs. Content Rights?

Community Rights
To add Community Admin rights, which allow the person to manage items within the community, i.e., email marketing, member data, events, etc:

    Click Constituents > Members > Administrators.
    At the bottom of the page click  Add a New Admin.
    Search for the person’s name that you would like to make an admin.  Once you locate the correct person, click the Make Admin icon.
    Next, assign the admin rights that you would like the person to have.  You can select more than one by holding your Ctrl key. You will also need to designate where the person will have the admin rights, either the main community only, main community and sub-communities, or certain sub-communities.
    Click Assign and you are finished.

Content Rights
To give admins the ability to edit certain pages you will need to assign content admin rights:

    Navigate to Content > Settings > Manage Admins.
    On the top left side of the window, click [root] Home Navigation, then on the right side of the page click the Content Admins tab.
    Click Add Admin , then type in the name with quotations (for an admin that is already a Community member), click the Search icon, then select by the name of the admin you want to add.  Click Save.
    Now you’ll assign the appropriate rights to the appropriate page.  Click the Admin Rights tab at the top.  On the left side of the page, select the page or channel you would like them to edit, then on the right side assign the type of rights, i.e., super admin, designer.  Under the right you want the admin to have, click the plus icon  next to Admin and then on the page that opens up, check the box next to the admin's name.  Click Add.

NOTE:  You can also add admins who are not a Community member.

What do I do if an admin disables his own account by deleting his name?

Whenever you are working on the admin view of the site, you will see your First name and Last Name on the form you are viewing.  If you delete the names out of the form and save it, you are in fact deleting that information from your own account and won’t be able to log back into the site.  You'll either need to call Application Support or have a Super Admin find your nameless record so you can be added back to the system.

Why can’t I login? When I login why do I see a different name?  Why does a random constituent have admin rights?

There are two common causes of this issue:  

  • Admins working on forms erase their first and last name values because they are concerned users would see their data.
  • An admin was trying to submit a form for a member and overwrote their data instead of looking up the members record.

Admins will see their own record when they are logged in to the community.  (Other users will see a blank form or their own data.)  Admins need to use Find Member Record to look up constituents and then change their data (for example to register them for an event).  If an admin erases his name or put in a new name without pulling up a constituent record, the admin's data will be overwritten.  If there is no record for the constituent one will need to be created.

Admins can use the list of admins to easily identify records that have this issue.  The Data Change History Tab can be used to view these changes and restore them.


Why doesn't my form show up?

    The form's Start/End Date is in the past
    The form is Locked (under “Manage Form”>”Lock Form”)
    The form is Disabled (the stoplight next to the form on the forms grid is RED).  Click the stoplight to enable the form.
    The form option to Allow user to edit data after submission is unchecked.  If this option is unchecked, users will not be able to edit data after submission and those who have already completed the form will no longer see the form.
    If  Enable Rolling Dates is checked on an event listing, any events on that listing will disappear once the event hits the “event start date”.

How do I verify a cloned Form, Event or Campaign?

    When you first access the cloned Campaign/Event/Form it shows an error that says it has not yet been verified.  Click on the “here” link to verify.
    Select the Manage Form dropdown and then review each of the following items to confirm there is no verbiage that is specific to the original campaign (e.g., references to the year 2009 in the Step Display Text of Edit Step Settings or in the Subject Line/Body of the Confirmation Emails):
        Edit Step Settings
        Confirmation / Finish Page / Form Exit
        Member Confirmation Email
        Admin Confirmation Email
    When viewing the Form from the front-end (where people would actually fill it out), check to make sure there is no reference to last year’s campaign (e.g., reference to the year 2009 at the top of the Browser screen).  If there is, you can change this by clicking on the Content Tab, then clicking Page Properties and editing the Page Title.


Why is a record I marked as hidden still in my directory search results?

Admins see all records when searching the directory.  To see the results as a regular member, create a test record that has no admin rights. Login with this record and try your search.

There are 3 different options for hiding records:

  • Is hidden – Hides the constituent from everything including attendee lists
  • Is Directory Hidden – Only hides the constituent from appearing in the directory
  • Privacy Protected – Also hides the record from admins except Super Admins or Privacy Protected Records admins

See Privacy Protected Records and Hidden Records for more information.


How can I archive email newsletters on our site?

This can be done by copying the HTML from your email and adding it to a content page on the site.  See this page Copying HTML from a previously released email to create a new page (or archive it) for the steps involved.

NOTE:  You cannot use the View Email on Site link for this as that link is specific to the recipient and Preview email links require admin authentication.

Why do I get a message that my email is over the size limit when I try to release it?

This message means the total size of images in your email exceeds the 1MB limit.  This refers to the file size of your images, not the dimensions.  Compress images for use on the web or in emails to avoid this issue.  Here's how:  Resizing or Compressing an Image.

  • Keeping images under 100kb each means you can have about 10 images in your email.  Two images over 500kb will max out the email.
  • Firefox provides an easy way for you to see all the images in your email and their sizes.  See  Finding the Size of Your Images for more information.
  • If you get images from someone else at your organization, let them know they need to be compressed for use in emails.
Why hasn’t my email or import processed yet?

Our email application runs at the top of every hour and the import application runs at :35 after each hour.  Both of these apps will process any emails/imports across all of our sites so if you send an email or run an import at a high traffic time, it could take up to or over an hour to process depending on the size of the queue.

The constituent meets the query parameters, but didn’t receive my email.

    Are they opted out of that email category?
    Are they marked as invalid?
    Do they have a valid email address?
    Are they marked as disabled, privacy protected or deceased?

Why does reporting for my email show 0 recipients after sending?

The data in the email marketing reporting grid is updated nightly in overnight processing.

Our email marketing system is designed to track each link that is clicked on.  To enable this, the link temporarily re-directs to your iModules site before then sending the user to the final destination of the link.  This allows iModules to change an email marketing link after the email is sent.  In order to do this, call Application Support, and they can open up a high priority ticket to fix it.  iModules should be able to fix it within a few minutes.

Can I embed videos in an email?

You can embed videos in an email, but nearly all major email clients will automatically block them.  As a best practice, you can provide a link back to your site to view the video - which has an added bonus of driving traffic to your site.

How do I make sure my email is going to the right people when I build the query for my distribution list?

When you build an email marketing query using data fields from the site, there are certain data fields the system will look at regardless of whether or not you add them manually.  Your email marketing email will automatically strip out the following records when sending:

    Unverified accounts
    Privacy protected accounts
    Accounts with invalid email addresses
    Deceased accounts
    Disabled accounts
    Accounts who have opted out of general emails or the specific category of email being sent


How do I access archived or to-be-published news?

To access archived news articles or articles to be published in the future, turn on Content Builder, hover over the listing and click on the Edit Control  icon.  You will be taken to the page where you can manage the news listing properties.  Under Filter Options, click the checkbox to Show Archive Filter and then click Save at the bottom of the page.  The select Load Content.  When you go back to the news listing page you'll have a dropdown above the listing where you can select to view current, archived and to be published articles.

Spaces/Special characters in the file name

When uploading a document through the Document Manager in the content editor (in order to link to the document), it’s best to keep certain characters and spaces out of the file name.  Our system will create a direct link to the file based on the file name and these spaces and characters have been known to cause issues:  * . " / \ [ ] : ; | = ,

How do cache/cookies affect site behavior?

Web cookies are simply bits of software placed on your computer when you browse websites. Not all websites have these, but many do, especially the large well-known websites. Websites use cookies so they can track what you are viewing, and so the website will recognize your computer when you come back to visit again.  That means if a change is made to content on a page, your browser might be loading a previous version of the website via a cookie.  When making changes on a site it can sometimes be necessary to clear out these cookies from time to time if you aren’t seeing the changes that were made.

What are those codes that are added to the URL query string and what do they mean?

    &sid= your site ID
    &pgid= the page ID
    &mid= the iModules member ID

Why do my images show in the editor but not in the email/on the page?

When editing content in the content editor, there can be an issue when you manually click and drag an image to move it elsewhere within the content.  When this is done, it takes the image path of the image in the HTML and will add two dots (..) in front of that image path.  For example, if the image path for an image was "/s/1197/images/editor/KC.jpg" and you clicked on the image to drag it somewhere else within that content area, the image path might then look like this “../s/1197/images/editor/KC.jpg".  This can cause the image to show up when editing the content on the page, but once the content is saved the image will no longer show.  This can be fixed by removing the two dots in front of the image path or by using the Image Manager to insert the image in the new location.

Relative links allow the user to link to pages with different URL's without having to log back in.  Instead of having a link on your site (to another page on the site) that is the full URL  (, you can use a relative link (everything past the .com (/s/1333/index.aspx?sid=1333&gid=1&pgid=330) to allow members to pass between pages with different URL’s without getting logged out.

Why is the code I am adding to my content getting stripped out when I save it?

Generally, this occurs when admins are trying to add widgets such as twitter or pictobrowser to their site or the code has the word "script" in it.  iModules does not allow admins to add script code to content modules on their sites. This security measure is in place to prevent an admin from inadvertently adding malicious code that could cause the site not to load or not to display correctly.  

Admins can send the code to Application Support, and they can add it for you.  Send the code in a text file attached to your email.  Include a link to the page where you want it and specific information for where on the page it should be placed.

Why isn’t my redirect in page properties working?

The redirect in Sitemap or Page Properties only works if that page is part of the site navigation. For instance, events are not usually part of the navigation since they are contained in the hidden forms channel, or some communities like to keep the navigation uncluttered so there may be many pages that are not part of the navigation.

Pages can be redirected using a meta tag redirect added to the HTML mode of the content editor.  The meta redirect allows you to create multiple custom URLs for a single landing page. Application Support can get you the code to create these.  Also, if you already have printed material with one URL and need to create a page to match, you can do this with a meta redirect.

Firefox is the best browser to manage these pages, because you can turn on the option to warn before redirecting.


How does a user "disconnect" from Facebook? (on the site & on Facebook)

On Facebook
The easiest way to remove the Facebook Connection is to have the user log into their Facebook account (this also verifies that they know what their Facebook password is).  Under the arrow dropdown on the top right of the page, select Account Settings.  Select Apps on the left, find the Encompass app, click the X beside it, and choose Remove in the confirmation pop-up window.  Once removed, clear your cookies and cache (dependent on Browser, this is typically in Tools > Internet Options > Browsing Options > click the Delete button, or Tools > Options > Clear your Recent History.

On Your Site
After logging into Facebook, click the Revoke Authorization link on the homepage (most of those live on the homepage) where you see your Facebook Profile picture.


What should I do if I need to change my site domain?

The primary domain for the site will need to be a CNAME record pointed to an iModules’ controlled DNS entry.  Once the domain has been correctly pointed to us, send the new domain to Application Support and they can update your site settings appropriately.

If a CNAME can’t be created for a particular domain then an A record pointed to IP needs to exist. This cannot be the primary domain for your site, the primary domain (the domain you see when you land on the homepage) must be a CNAME record. 

For example your site primary domain might be but you also want to go the site. would need to be the CNAME record and would be an A record.  Both domains would take users to your site and when the page loads they would see





















for AU clients: