FAQ - Updated Email Editor and Migration

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Our team has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the upgrade of the Anthology Encompass Email Editor. While we cover a variety of topics below, we will continue to update this page with additional topics over the coming weeks.

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Why is the Email Editor changing?

We always look to provide you with updated functionality across Anthology Encompass to give you more features and an easier user interface. The upgraded Email Editor enables us to introduce a cleaner interface with improved usability, making it easier for you and your team to create emails in Anthology Encompass. Given the extent of the changes to the Email Editor, this requires an upgrade to the latest version provided by our vendor.

What are the benefits of the new Email Editor?

The new Email Editor provides a more modern interface, improved usability, and much more. Early adopters have specifically highlighted that it is easier to edit fonts and adjust other elements. Other benefits include the wider view, the more fluid nature of the drag and drop, and the ability to see previews of dynamic elements without taking extra steps. Upgrading to the latest version of the Email Editor will also allow our team to continue to provide email enhancements, including variable content.

Can institutions choose when to have the Email Editor upgraded?

Yes! We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your team. Your institution can choose your preferred upgrade date. Our team will complete upgrades on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting the week of August 21 through the week of October 9. To select an upgrade date, please complete this form. Please note that any clients who have not selected an upgrade date by October 12 will be upgraded the week of October 16. 

Will there be a loss of functionality as part of the upgrade?

There is no loss of functionality with this upgrade. You will continue to have access to the same features in the upgraded Email Editor, along with additional enhancements and improved usability. There are some changes to the layout of the Email Editor – please refer to our updated training materials and release notes for details.

Will there be any downtime while the Email Editor is upgraded?

There will not be any system downtime while your Email Editor is upgraded; however, we do ask that you do not work within the content of emails or email templates on the day of the upgrade to ensure that there are no content updates lost during the migration of your templates. Once we have completed the upgrade of your site, you will receive an email letting you know that you and your team can resume working with your content. Any emails that have been previously queued will continue to be sent as anticipated.  

What happens to all existing emails, templates, and analytics?

All existing emails and email templates will be migrated over for use within the updated Email Editor when enabled within your environment. No additional work is needed on your part before beginning to use these in the new Email Editor. 

Can previously sent emails be copied and reused?

Yes, all emails that are available in the system today will still be available for use. This includes previously sent emails. The migration process moves all emails in Draft or History and all Email Templates.

Why do sites have to be upgraded by the week of October 16?

Sites need to be upgraded by the week of October 16 because our email vendor has informed us that the Email Editor currently in sites will no longer be supported starting November 1. October 16 will give our team enough time to ensure that all sites are updated by this deadline.

What is the latest date that the Email Editor can be upgraded?

The last date that can be selected to upgrade is Thursday, October 12. Starting the week of October 16, our team will upgrade all remaining sites. At that point, selecting a date for your upgrade is no longer possible, as we will need to upgrade all remaining sites as quickly as possible.

Are materials available to help prepare for the upgrade?

Our team has put together training materials for the upgrade, available in the Anthology Academy. To access the materials, you will need an Anthology Academy account. Please use the following link to access the course: Updated Email Editor: Email Marketing Template Creation

Documentation on the new Email Editor is also available and can be found on our support site: Updated Template Editor / Email Editor – Encompass Support Center (imodules.com)

Our product team also created a demo of the new Email Editor earlier this year, available in the Anthology Academy: Email Editor Changes Preview

How do I sign my institution up to upgrade to the new Email Editor?

Your institution can choose your preferred upgrade date. Our team will complete upgrades on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting the week of August 21 through the week of October 9. To select an upgrade date, please complete this form. Please note that any clients who have not selected an upgrade date by October 12 will be upgraded the week of October 16.

Why don't changes made within a Loop Element's Dynamic Content display in an email once it has been sent?

When Dynamic Content is added to an email through the Loop Element, the system displays a preview of the text in the editor. Any changes that are made to the content added through the Loop Element will not be displayed when an email actually sends because the system repulls the content when the email is sent. This includes any design changes that might be made. If design changes are needed, the Style located in the Dynamic Content Style Manager will need to be updated. Any changes to the content that is displayed will need to be made in the location where the content resides, whether it is Events or News Feed items. 

Why can't I add Favorite Block content inside of an existing content block?

Content Blocks are the top layout level inside the body of an email. Blocks cannot be added inside of an existing block. To have a favorite block display in the middle of an existing block, you will need to split the existing block into multiple blocks and then insert the favorite block between the blocks of the newly split-up block. 

Why is formatting lost when I paste content into the Email Editor?

All content that is pasted into the email editor is pasted as plain text to ensure that no hidden code is added to the editor, which may affect the look of your email when sending. Any formatting applied to the text at the time it is copied will be removed when pasted. This includes text that is bolded, italicized, or made into a link.

Why does the font sometimes not look the way I want when sending a Preview Email or a Queued Email?

This issue only occurs in a few scenarios with email content or template content that was migrated from the old editor when the font was applied specifically to highlighted text in the old editor.  The font will display correctly in the new editor, but some mail clients may not display the font that is expected.  To ensure that the font is displayed correctly across all mail clients, delete the text element from the email, add a new text element, reenter your text, and then reapply styles.  This is not something that can be resolved through a code change because any changes will have an impact beyond the specific location that is being updated.