Encompass Release Notes: September, 2023

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:
U.S. = 11th September, Monday Evening | Canada = 11th September, Monday Evening
| Australia = 12th September, Tuesday Morning


Email Marketing

Updated Email Editor

We are excited to announce that the upgrade for the Email Editor within Email Marketing is available to our users. The updated Email Editor enhances the User Experience when editing the content of your email communications. 

Key Updates: 

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface:The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes creating attractive emails easier than ever. Effortlessly arrange content blocks, images, buttons, and more. 

Update to the Popup Style Bar: Users will notice that the Pop-up Style Bar no longer scrolls on the screen when they scroll through the content, allowing them to access the content that is initially hidden behind the style bar.

Adjustable Zoom Level: The editor now has a zoom drop-down which will allow users to zoom out and see more of the content of the message without having to scroll up and down.   

Update to Complex Elements: Complex Elements from the previous editor are now Favorite Blocks.  All the saved Complex Elements are available after the upgrade is completed on your site as Favorite Blocks.  These blocks can be inserted as a new block of content within your email.   

  • Please note:  Favorite Blocks cannot be inserted into the middle of an existing block.  If the content of your favorite block needs to be inserted in the middle of an existing block there are two ways to accomplish this.  Option 1 is to split the existing block into multiple blocks and then insert your favorite block between them.  Option 2 is inserting your favorite block and then copying the content from your favorite block into your existing block and then deleting the favorite block from your template.   

Update to the Paste Functionality: The paste functionality in the editor will now automatically paste as plain text.  This update will prevent special code coming from external editors from being included in the email content and potentially causing issues.  This does however mean that users will need to format the content in the email editor once it has been pasted.  This includes adding links, bold-facing text, and italicizing text.   


Please sign up to have your site updated at https://forms.office.com/r/8LMvbcrr8t

Email Marketing

Updated the Prioritized Segmented Campaign Send process ( Reference IDs: 222504, 200723, 210447, 223660, 225803) 

We have updated the Prioritized Segmented Campaign Send process for all campaign types to ensure that the higher-priority segments' send process is complete before the subsequent priority segments' send process begins.  Prior to this update, the system would pick up all segments that were queued at the same time but only processed them one at a time.  With this change, our users will see a similar outcome, but only one segment at a time will be picked up for processing.   

Updated Process 

The Prioritized Segmented Campaign sends one segment at a time to the email queues for processing. It starts with Priority 1 and waits for it to complete before moving on to the next priority. This process is repeated for each scheduled segment. 

For example, if three segments are scheduled to be sent simultaneously: 

  • Segment 1 is processed first. 
  • Segments 2 and 3 wait until Segment 1 is completed. 
  • Segment 2 is processed after Segment 1. 
  • Segment 3 waits until Segment 2 is completed. 
  • Segment 3 is processed after Segment 2. 

Note:These changes do not affect non-prioritized Segmented, General, and A/B campaigns. The non-prioritized campaign types will continue to operate as usual. 


Admin Access Management

To enhance admin access management, created data export reports for the current admin access to all pages in the site map.

The Admin status data export reports will have the following columns:

Member ID, Constituent ID, First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Assigned Admin Right, Date of Assignment, and Last Logged-in date


Updated Event Registration, Commerce, and Donation Reports

Added the Member ID column to the Event Registration, Commerce, and Donation Reports.

Accessibility Improvements 

Ambassador Portal Accessibility

Updated the system to ensure established design compliance for the tabs and tabs panel, menu and menu items, buttons, and pagination.

Tabs and Tabs Panel

  • Enabled the tabs to be recognized as a group: This facilitates the understanding of the relationship between tabs by assistive technologies.
  • Added accessible label:  The label helps users understand the purpose of the tab list. This label describes the content or function of the tab list.
  • Made each tab a focusable element: This ensures that each tab is identified as a tab control. Users will be able to navigate and select tabs using standard keyboard controls.
  • Provided a visual and programmatic indicator: This indicator shows which tab is currently active or selected, improving the user experience and ensuring that assistive technologies convey this information accurately.
  • Assigned a role to the content panel associated with a tab: This step ensures that the content panel is recognized as the area where tab-specific content is displayed, aiding in navigation and comprehension.
  • Established a clear relationship between a tab and its associated content panel: This enables users and assistive technologies to understand which tab controls which content.
  • Enabled LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW for tab navigation, instead of TAB: Implementing this keyboard navigation behavior ensures that users can navigate between tabs using arrow keys, while the Tab key is used to navigate within the content of the active tab, thus improving usability and accessibility.

Menu and Menu Items

  • Enabled a menu to be recognized as a group: This facilitates the understanding of the relationship between the set of menu items by assistive technologies.
  • Added accessible label:  An accessible label helps users understand the purpose of the Menu. This label will describe the content or function of the Menu.
  • Made user interaction more intuitive:  Ensured that the menu elements suggest being a part of the menu.
  • Secured navigation: The element can be focused (clicked or selected), but it won't be part of the usual tab navigation sequence. This means that when the user presses the TAB key, they won't accidentally move to the menu element.

Button Element

  • Identified the element as a button: Identifying the element as a button provides clear interaction cues to all users, making it evident that it can be clicked or activated.
  • Assigned and accessible name: Assigning an accessible name ensures that users, including those with disabilities, can understand the purpose of the button without relying solely on visual cues.
  • Added Tooltip State Indication: The use of tooltip indication helps users discern whether the tooltip content is currently hidden or visible, contributing to a more intuitive user experience.
  • Enabled Polite Announcements:  This ensures that screen readers politely announce the tooltip's expansion, avoiding interruptions and providing timely information to users.


  • Enabled the element to be recognized as a group:  By enabling the element to be recognized as a group that contains pagination controls, indicated that these controls are related and form a group. This helps assistive technologies and users understand the structure and purpose of these controls.
  • Provided an accessible name for the Pagination Group: By adding an accessible name, such as "pagination," a clear label for the group of pagination controls is provided. This label helps users understand the function of these controls without relying solely on visual cues.

Forms Accessibility Enhancement

Informing Users of Invalid Form Controls

Enhanced the system to enable assistive technology to detect and alert users about invalid input issues,  reading "invalid entry" as part of the field description.

Date Picker Accessibility Enhancement

Updated Date Picker interface

  • Streamlined Interface: Removed the outer <table> element of the Date Picker to simplify the interface, making it more straightforward and easier to interact with.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Included proper identification of the dialog, better modal behavior, accessible naming, and announcements of changes in the month/year.
  • Improved Usability: Users can seamlessly navigate and interact with the Date Picker using assistive technologies or keyboard controls. Clear identification of buttons and grid cells, along with accessible labels.
  • Clarity and Efficiency: Removed unnecessary elements nested in the calendar grid cells to simplify the interface and enhance efficiency.



Functional Area



Email Reporting


Bounce responses from recipients were not being properly recorded if the recipients' mail server initially replied with the successful delivery of the message. 
Email Marketing N/A

Identified a high CPU usage during email address validation due to inconsistently defined email field sizes across the system which prevented index utilization in queries affecting the performance.

Added consistent email address definitions across the system to fix and enhance the performance.

Foundation 180735

The required fields under each guest on an event/activity registration form remained mandatory even when the guest attendance control box was unchecked and displayed warnings.

Now, the fields are not mandatory when the guest attendance control box is unchecked.


Foundation 181483

The users were unable to schedule a site statistics report. The report was not loading on the Site Statistics page. 

Now, the schedule pop-up loads, and users are able to schedule a site statistics report.




It was reported that following the migration of files, the issue concerning the UTF-8 BOM format affected updated data profile reporting and scheduled data exports for donations.

Now, the system has been updated to default the file type of data exports to UTF-8 for all sites as the standard data format.

Foundation N/A


During the registration process, when initially selected the "Guest" option and clicked "save and continue," then later deselected a guest and attempted to select another guest, the system did not allow the selection of another guest. The system enforced a limit even when one of the previously selected guests was unselected.

Updated the system, now the users can go back and unselect and select another guest. 




When a donor chose a designation and entered the amount, the percentage allocation, which should have been 100%, was not reflected. Also, when another designation was added, the percentage was not automatically updated to 50%.

Updated the system so that the percentage amount is automatically calculated based on the number of designations. 

Giving 209438

In the commerce fields the Item quantity was being automatically filled with incorrect numbers.

Disabled the autofill option to avoid incorrect entries.

Giving 232872

An error occurred when adding a new designation to a collection.

Users can now add designations to a collection without error.


Giving N/A

The transactions that were entirely adjusted off were appearing on the Events Map.

Ensured that such transactions are not displayed on the Event maps.