Encompass Release Notes: June, 2023

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:
U.S. = 20th June, Tuesday Evening | Canadian = 20th June, Tuesday Evening
| Australia = 21st June, Wednesday Morning


Product Enhancements


Added Admin Access Report

The report will help in managing admin access. 

On the Assign Administrators page, administrators can click the System Admin Access Report button and export a report having the following information in the columns:

  • Member ID
  • Constituent ID
  • First Name
  • Email ID
  • Role Name
  • Date Added
  • Last Logged
  • Group ID
  • Group Name


Double the Donation Enhancements

Enabled the Double the Donation Enhancements:

  • Matching gift plugin to appear on confirmation page
    A matching gift plugin, which allows donors to potentially double their donations by having their contributions matched by organizations. The plugin will be displayed on the confirmation page.
  • Public API key - customize messaging when a donor selects a company name.
    A public API key will be added to the donation system. This API key is used to integrate with external systems or services. Enables display of customized messages when a donor selects a company name. This customization could include tailored messages or specific instructions related to matching gifts or any other relevant information.

Note: This updated functionality is ONLY for clients who have the 3rd-party integration with Double the Donation Gift Matching functionality added.


Functional Area



Foundation 204926

After making edits to the submission, certain tokens in emails were not replaced with their corresponding values. Instead of displaying the expected values, the emails only showed the token names.

The system is updated to ensure the accurate display of values corresponding to all tokens.

Foundation NA


When the screen size was changed to smaller (mobile) screens, the content in the Account Registration table, Calendar, and Image rotator content block was not adjusted to fit the smaller screen; as a result, some of the content was not visible.

Corrected the code and now the content adjusts automatically according to the size of the screen.

Foundation 218664

When two documents were added to a member confirmation page, the second link did not display correctly in the email.

Giving NA


When multiple breakpoints were added to a map and the legend was enabled, the legend overlapped with the map.