Encompass Release Notes: May, 2023

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:
U.S. = 15th May, Monday Evening | Canadian = 15th May, Monday Evening
| Australia = 16th May, Tuesday Morning


Product Enhancements 

Form Fields

Role-base Option for Commerce item - "Commerce Amount Field"

Enabled the Commerce Amount Field. 

The option to set a role to a "Commerce Amount Field" is now available. This will allow specific form content or steps to be displayed on a form based on a value that users have entered.

Click here to learn more about Creating Roles.


Improvements Made for Recurring Payment Gateway Notifications


  1. Encompass support can now disable the recurring payment notifications so that only “twice a year” and “annual” recurring payment options will be required. Please contact support if you would like to make monthly and quarterly recurring payment notifications optional. Changes were also made to the default text to better fit the optional scenario of the recurring payment changes.

  2. On the billing form disabled the editable field under the Notification option where the users could enter the number of days for the email notification to be sent prior to billing. According to Master Card recurring payment standards, the email notification will be sent 7 days prior to the billing by default.

  3. On the Giving form, a check box for the notifications to be sent is set and is selected by default and the donors are provided with the option to uncheck the box.
  4. On the billing form reworded the field name Email address to notify/remind to Email address used for notification.
  5. Considered WCAG accessibility requirements for the changes made.


GID1 Global Giving Transaction Export

GTE (General Transaction Export) reports can now be generated from the top-level (GID=1) to include reconciliation data for all sub-communities. This enhancement enables users to obtain a comprehensive view of transaction data across multiple sub-communities, which can facilitate more efficient tracking and reconciliation of financial data.

The GTE report options for GID=1 are:

  • Main community (including regular sub-communities).
  • Main community and all sealed sub-communities.
  • Exclude certain communities (selected by using arrows to move them to the right).
  • Main community and selected sealed sub-communities (multiple selections can be made using CTRL or shift key) Additional communities can also be included by using arrows to move them to the right.


Venmo Payment Method Update

The Venmo feature was a planned addition for this release, but unfortunately, it did not function as expected. Our development team is actively working on resolving the technical issues encountered, and we are committed to implementing the Venmo feature in a future release.


Functional Area



Giving NA

Corrected an error that occurred with both DW Stripe and PayPal payment gateways enabled in an event where a promo code was used.


Giving NA

Corrected the issue with the promo code display when DW Stripe was used as a secondary payment gateway while using Gpay.

Giving NA

Corrected an email confirmation issue that applied commerce item detail from the initial transaction that is not part of the recurring payment.

Giving NA Corrected a scenario where event form submissions that had been adjusted off continued to populate on data maps.
Giving NA

Updated how the billing information was aligned on form submissions.

Foundation NA

Corrected the scenario where deleted activities were still showing up in the check-in app.

Foundation 218784

Corrected an issue where the content was not displaying properly when event lists were set on a single page and a content filter was applied.

Foundation 231365

Corrected a scenario that occurs when a change was made to a form. The confirmation that was being sent was continuing to send the original form submission details and not reflecting the updates made.


Foundation NA

WCAG compliance: Error page (WSOD) content was not viewable when resized to width of 320 CSS px / height of 256 CSS px.