Encompass Release Notes: April, 2023

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

U.S. = 17 April, Monday Evening | Canadian = 17 April, Monday Evening
| Australia = 18th April, Tuesday Morning

Product Enhancements 

Form Fields

Role-based Option for the Commerce Item Field in Forms

Institutions can associate a role with the Commerce Item Field and collect additional information, such as the Company Name and Description, from registrants who have purchased a specified quantity of items.

Click here for instructions on how to add a Role-based Option for the Commerce Item Field

Note: The role-based option functionality is currently not available for the "Commerce Amount" and "Commerce Dropdown" fields, but this is planned for a future release.

Role-based option for the Non-commerce Instance Fields

Enabled role-based option for the Non-commerce Instance fields and reusable Instance fields. Admins can add or edit an instance field to select the option Associate a Role with this Field.

Note: The functionality is similar to the 'Added role-based option for the Commerce Item Field in Forms' enhancement. 


Added a Time-out Session Warning

When there is no activity for 10 minutes, a warning message will be displayed to alert the user:

"Your session is about to expire. Would you like to Stay Connected or Log Out Now?"

If the user selects "Stay Connected", as some users may need more time to complete their tasks or may not want to lose their progress, the session continues, and the warning message disappears. 

If the user selects "Log Out Now", the session immediately logs out without having to wait for the session to expire, and the user will be redirected to the login page.

If the user does not respond to the warning message, the session will be automatically closed out after 15 minutes.


Functional Area



Foundation 173110

On Twitter, when the users tweeted the pages with meta images, the images were not showing in the tweeted pages.

Updated the system to ensure that meta images upload to social media platforms when the pages with meta images are shared, posted, or tweeted. 

Note: The images must comply with social media platform requirements. 

Foundation  NA

When an email ID is shared by non-members and a transaction is completed, the transaction data is merged with the existing matching email ID records. If that transaction is done by a different individual than existing in the records, the individual who has done the transaction is not identified.

Updated the system to capture individual non-member transaction data. The system can be set to match the first name and email ID with the existing records.  If the record is not existing, a new record will be created and managed to capture the future transaction data. Now, US, Canadian, and Australian users can use this feature. 

Note: The USA and Australian users should contact Encompass support to enable this feature.

Note: This feature is available by default in Canada from this release.

Foundation 218835 

During the execution of the web service API request, the access was denied even after using the correct credentials.  The following error occurred: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current Web request.

Now, when the correct credentials are used the error does not occur.


Foundation  NA

The system is updated to validate links in the Emails with token URL values in the Email Marketing database. This will restrict editing token URLs or adding malicious links. The links that are not validated will be redirected to a warning page.



Foundation  NA

The users were unable to set up Single Sign On (SSO) using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) or Azure AD (Active Directory).

Enabled the system for setting up SSO using ADFS and Azure AD.

Foundation  NA

The modal windows when opened were fixated on the top of the screen and the users were not able to move them to a different location on the screen.

Now, the modal windows are not fixated and can be moved across the screen.

Giving 226337

When the promo codes were applied during the transactions through Stripe, a WSOD error occurred instead of redirecting to the Stripe page, and in some instances, a partial or improper transaction summary was reflected.

Now, users can apply the promo codes, view the summary, and complete the transactions successfully. 

Note: The transaction summary shows the following details:

  • Registration Fees
  • Subtotal
  • Coupon code Amount
  • Total Due
Giving 221781

When the Campaign Progress Indicator (CPI) was set to the donor goal, the token [AmountRaised] was reflecting the donor count instead of the dollar amount raised to date.

Now, when the token [AmountRaised] is used, the dollar amount is reflected regardless of the set CPI goal type.


Giving 221683

The format of the values displayed for the token [DonationTotal]( Total donation amount to date) varied depending on the CPI goal type. 

Now, the format of the values is consistent regardless of the CPI goal type.

Giving  NA

When JPY (Japanese Yen) currency code was used to make a payment of less than 1 USD in value through the Stripe Payment Gateway, WSOD occurred.

Note: Payments made using any currency should at least equal 1 USD in value. 

Added a notification stating that the amount entered should be equal to or greater than 1 USD. The transaction is processed only when the appropriate amount is entered.


Giving 204925

Transactions on the ambassador challenge were showing different values on the Admin and front views. 

Updated the system to reflect the current and accurate values on both sides.

Giving  NA

On the Add/Edit Designation window, when a name was entered in the Name field, the same text was getting automatically updated in the External Database Value field upon moving the cursor from the Name field. Similarly, when the text was entered in the External Database Value field, the same was getting updated in the Name field.


Giving  NA

When a member record was updated without adding value in the Donation Amount and Designation fields and selected the scheduled payment option, the WSOD occurred.

Giving  NA

On the Leaderboard when the Rank column was configured to reflect the ranking based on Percentage to Goal values, the ranking values were incorrect.

Corrected the ranking based on Percentage to Goal and confirmed that the ranking based on Dollars and Participation is also in the right order.

Giving  NA

When campaign Data was Purged, the scoreboard data was not getting deleted from the Maps.

Ensured that the system deletes the Scoreboard data from the maps when the campaign data is purged.

Giving 159422

 In the CSS styling option code instructions, the periods were incorrectly placed before the h2 and h3.

Giving NA

  On the scoreboard maps when configuring the breakpoints there was no validation or intimation to the users even when the breakpoints were overlapping.

Now, a validation message is displayed stating that the user should enter a unique value for each breakpoint for the configuration to be saved.