Encompass Release Notes: 9th March, 2023

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:

U.S. = 9th March, Thursday Evening | Canadian = 9th March, Thursday Evening
| Australia = 10th March Friday Morning

Email Marketing

Added Multiselect Feature to Add Token Dropdown

Users can now select multiple tokens at the same time from the Token Manager's Add Token dropdown. 
The dropdown behavior: When a listed token is clicked, the token is highlighted. The users can continue clicking on the multiple tokens as required to select. Clicking the selected (highlighted) token will unselect the token.


Email Marketing

Access Tokens Directly from the Subject and Pre-Header fields

On the Details page, by clicking the newly added Insert Tokens button, the users can access the token manager directly from the Subject and Pre-Header fields. This feature is available for all campaign types: General, Segmented, and A/B.

The Insert Token button is clickable only when the cursor is placed inside the fields to ensure that the tokens are inserted in the right fields. Note that the Insert Token button is highlighted when the cursor is placed inside the field.


Add or Remove

To insert tokens in the fields, place the cursor inside the field and click the Insert Tokens button. The Add Token modal opens. Click once to insert the required token from the dropdown list; the token is inserted where the cursor is placed.

Note: Users can add multiple tokens and insert the tokens in the middle of the text.

To remove the inserted tokens, click the inserted token in the dropdown menu or click the close mark on the inserted token in the field. After the tokens are inserted and the Add Token modal is closed, the tokens can be selected and deleted as text in the fields.


Added the Form Field CSS Class field to Add New Field's advanced options

Users can now add the CSS class information in the Form Field CSS Class field while creating a new field.  This enhancement will increase the efficiency of building forms as the users are not required to return to the build after the field is created and update the CSS class information in properties.  

Registrant Manage Category Options


Click the Show Advanced Options check box in the Add New field window to view the advanced options and access the Form Field CSS Class field.

Add New Field Advance Options:




Admin Dashboard Visual Enhancements

Made the following visual changes:

  • Enhanced the background color tone to improve clarity.
  • Updated the spacing between closed accordions and menus on the dashboard page.
  • Provided flexible width to dropdown title boxes to accommodate titles of different lengths.




Option for Administrators to switch between Legacy and New Admin Dashboard Layout

Administrators can switch between the legacy and new screen layouts using the toggle button.  When the toggle button is clicked the button shows the transitioning message 'switching layout' and then the opted layout will appear.


The opted Admin Dashboard Layout




Functional Area



Events 183566 

The iCal link was not opening in the Chrome browser. The users had to right-click and download the file to open it in Chrome.
Now, users can click and open the iCal link in all browsers.

Events 218835 

The records without successful billing transactions on the event forms were showing in the ICP (Identity Check Point) grid to merge. 

Now, the records are shown on ICP to merge only when the billing transactions are completed on the forms.

Events 2277733

Error occurred when expanding the Fees/Commerce Items' accordions on the Events Registration Fees/ Commerce window.

Now, the accordions expand and display the fees/commerce items.


Foundation 206305

Admins even with required admin rights were unable to add PCB (Patternized Content Block) articles. 

Now, all the admins with the required admin rights can add the PCB articles.

Giving 226337

In billing transaction reports for the Pay Pal transactions asterisks were displayed in the place of the billing email address.

Enabled the system to reflect the billing email address.

Giving NA

Puerto Rico geolocation was not displayed on the Leaderboard map. 

Now, the Puerto Rico geolocation and submissions are displayed on the US Leaderboard map.

Giving NA

When setting the number of breakpoints on the map configuration screen, the field was not accepting manually entered positive numbers after the negative number was entered.

Updated the system and confirmed, in all the maps, that the field now accepts positive numbers after a negative number is entered.

Giving  NA 

Updated the system to display data storage mode options for all the fields on the Add Field screen.


Note: These options were displayed only during the field creation.

Email Marketing 228735 

During the email send process, batches of up to 1000 contacts were marked as ‘Rejected Batch’ in the Exception Report. This was due to the system not excluding the records without email IDs.  

This has been corrected, and these records will be marked as No Email Address.