Encompass, Hotfix - February 13th, 2023 (64.9.2)

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Canada = 13th February, Monday Morning | U.S. = 13th February, Monday Morning| Australia = 14th February Tuesday Morning


Functional Area



Foundation NA

Following the visual updates made to the Admin and Dashboard User Interface in the last release, added an option to switch to the old view. Users can contact support to revert to the old view.

Giving 227722

On a Donation form, when a user selected 3 or more designations along with the option ‘Display Designation Percentage Fields' and the form property setting set to active, an error occurred, and the form was not progressing.

Updated the system to ensure that the users can select any number of available designations along with the Display Percentage Fields option without any issues. 

Email Marketing 228059

In the last release, a feature was added to exclude deleted sub-community constituents from a CSV of IDs containing the deleted IDs during send. This was to ensure that only the intended audience receive the emails. This did not work as expected. The exceptions list was including the IDs of the intended audience. Therefore, we are rolling back this change.

Note: Please ensure that the CSV of IDs includes only the IDs of the intended audience.