Release Notes - April 17, 2017

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Product Functionality

Defect Corrections

Product Functionality

Performance Optimizations - Currently Available

Several enhancements targeting an increase in performance have been placed into production. Included in these enhancements:

Admin dashboard improvements - Optimization of queries behind Admin Dashboard widgets have been implemented, resulting in large performance gains. Functionality of some widgets has been adjusted to be more reflective of their original intent.

Placing content blocks in CMS editor - Improved speed of placing content blocks while using page-editing CMS.

Optimized content query - Enhanced load times of more robust modules featuring listing and archive capabilities.

Giving & Membership: Query String for Payment Types

Now clients can append a new URL parameter to support various payment types on both Giving and Membership forms.  This added functionality is also extremely beneficial for clients who use this with email campaigns, and targeted recurring giving campaigns.  Simply appending &paymenttype=

For Giving:

  •     nowonly (hiding recurring and perpetual)
  •     scheduled
  •     scheduledonly (hiding give now and recurring if available)
  •     perpetual
  •     perpetualonly (hiding give now and scheduled if available)

For Membership (on applicable levels):

  •     scheduled
  •     scheduledonly

What happens if a payment option is not configured on the form and used in the query string? (i.e. perpetual is not enabled and is used in the URL as &paymenttype=perpetual or &paymenttype=perpetualonly)

When used on forms that do not have the supported payment method, form should load as it normally would showing all applicable payment options and ignore the URL parameter.

Is &paymenttype= case sensitive?

Yes, in order for this to properly work you will need to use in the URL as seen on this page.

Will scheduled payments be available on all membership levels even if the level does not have it enabled?

&paymenttype=scheduled and &paymenttype=scheduledonly automatically render scheduled payments control only on applicable membership levels. A difference you will see on these levels is that "I would like to make scheduled payments..." checkbox is editable with &paymenttype=scheduled and not editable with &paymenttype=scheduledonly.  Both options default the scheduled payments box to open and will become grayed out when a level is selected that does not have scheduled payments configured.

Where will the URL not be persisted?

The appended url does not persist-

    From Event, Giving or Membership Center (aka landing pages):
        i.e. = won't work
    If form has custom url: = won't work

Will this remain in the URL if using prep-pop?

Yes, you can use this URL parameter on your pre-populate links and the new tech will be supported.

Sunset Task Manager

Historically, the adoption of Task Manager has been very low among our client base.  By removing this functionality from the tool, we have eliminated additional complexities associated with Task Manager's interactions with the rest of the platform. Clients who have tasks created will be notified of those details before they are removed from the system. On April 18th, you will no longer see this tab or any task references in data viewer.

Data Viewer No longer Auto-selects Everyone by Default

Data Viewer will not have a radio option selected by default. The change prevents administrators from unintentionally including every database record in a query.


 More Helpful Tab and Page Titles

To improve the user experience, we've the revised the text of breadcrumb navigation and tab titles across the administrative tool set.





Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved

Administrative Dashboard

    ENC-1782 ensures iModules articles drop off the dashboard when the display date range has ended.

Administrative Rights

    ENC-27919 addresses inability of credentialed administrators to edit event listings.


    ENC-26334 corrects issue preventing constituents from authenticating with yahoo credentials.


    ENC-27484 resolves an issue with hyperlinking that caused class notes and job posting module links in emails to direct to the homepage instead of the intended destination.
    ENC-27405 addresses issue with hyperlinking that caused event module hyperlinks to white screen instead of directing to the event details
    ENC-27817 ensures that individuals who attempt to visit deactivated event forms, donation forms, membership forms are redirected to detail page content instead of a blank page.

Email (Field Tokens)

    ENC-22445 restores population of the preferred first name field token for upcoming charge emails sent to constituents in advance of recurring transaction processing.
    ENC-23160 ensures the first name token in member support emails is replaced with the first name value not the community name value.


    ENC-25181 removes the legacy event guest name column from being visible on attendee lists.

Online Giving

    ENC-21760 prevents the "bledit" query string parameter from loading designations belonging to a different sub-community than where the form is hosted.


    ENC-26953 corrects designation report date filter to utilize the same date time stamp as the donations report (transaction date vs. designation selection date). The issue was encountered on transactions where the form was started, abandoned and then completed on a separate calendar day from start.
    ENC-27363, ENC-27761, and ENC-27762 ensure that incomplete submissions are included in and export when an administrator selects the incomplete submission checkbox.
    ENC-24997 solves an issue where reusable instances fields would not return on reconciliation reports if the transaction date was not included as an export field.


    ENC-27600 re-enforces strong password requirements for administrators who only have content editing rights (CMS Admin).
    ENC-27689 removes support for legacy encryption methods for passwords created over five years ago that have not been modified since.