Release Notes - November 7, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved:


  • Eliminated barrier to navigating to [root] home navigation page using the site map. ENC-25764
  • Removed Event listings fields associated with the previously sunset Legacy Events system. ENC-25958


  • Eliminated ability for administrators to use the gear menu to move a released email to drafts after sending has begun. ENC-21957
  • If an administrator has a released email open for editing, that administrator will not be permitted to save and re-release a message that has already begun to send. ENC-25919


  • Resolved issue that prevented authenticated administrators from approving, censoring, deleting messages flagged for review ENC-26194


  • The "edit user" link visible when reviewing flagged member fields within Encompass directs to the profile form of the member instead of the administrator. ENC-25967
  • The "edit user" link visible from within the admin notification email directs to the member field submission approval page within Encompass. ENC-23063
  • Resolved issue that prevented some administrators to update the email address field for constituents. ENC-25299
  • If a member field contains a flagged word and the flagged word is removed before the administrator can address it, the member's record is auto approved and the approval screen reflects the cleared state. ENC-25975
  • Resolved issue that caused change history to inacurately show web services as the source of a change. ENC-25860

Performance improvements that do not affect functionality have been made to:


  • Event calendar listing
  • News listing
  • Campaign listing
  • Membership listing


  • Radio button fields
  • Dropdown list fields
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