Release Notes - October 17, 2016

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Product Functionality

Form Data Pre-population for Admins is Being Disabled
This enhancement disables the pre-population of member data for any user with an admin account - in both the main level community or a sub-community. By eliminating the pre-population of admin data, specifically the email address, but also other personal fields that could be used to gain unauthorized access, this change removes a security issue in Encompass.

Now, when users with administrative accounts click on a pre-populated email link, instead of going right to the form with the welcome pop-up, they will instead be taken to an alternate pop-up page. This popup indicates that, as an admin, you will not see your data pre-populated in the form, but lets you know
that pre-population is enabled and functioning. Admins are provided a "Continue" link that takes them to the linked form, with no information pre-populated, and administrative options will still not be available.

This change applies to all admins - both Content and Community administrators. For admins who want to register for an event, we recommend they log in before registering or they could use Identity Checkpoint on the form.

Ending a Recurring Email with No End Date
Clients who have released a recurring email without assigning an end date will no longer have to edit or move the emails to Drafts in order to retire the message and prevent it from sending. The retired email campaign will still be available in the Email History grid and in reporting.

To "retire" a recurring email, admins select the “End Recurrence” option from the gear dropdown. The email is deleted from the Released grid. None of the reporting or email history records of previous sends are modified or removed.

Email Metric API
In order to facilitate the automated retrieval of Email Marketing metrics, a restful Email Metric API has been established. Available metrics include: message details, bounces, clicks, delivers, links, opens and recipients. Most noteworthy: Clicks and Opens calls return information on the user agent (device and IP). Subscription management data (opt-in, opt-out) is retrieved from the existing SOAP API. To learn more about the new API, please visit the Email Metric API page.

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