Release Notes - September 12, 2016

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Product Functionality

Defect Corrections

Product Functionality

Character Limit Increased for Location Name Text Box
For clients who would like to utilize more characters when naming event locations, the character limit has been increased. Location names will now allow 150 character to be used (increased from 50).

Admins will see an error message when they exceed the character limit.

Donations: Custom Sort Order Enabled for Designations
The Designation pop-up window previously only allowed designations within designation sets to be sorted in alphabetical order. Now, admins will see a checkbox allowing designations to be sorted in a custom order.

When Admins select the Designation set, they have the option to click the Use custom sort order checkbox.


With that box checked, admins will be able to drag and drop the designations into the desired order.  Be sure to click Save to save your changes.
By default, the checkbox will remain unchecked and designations will be sorted alphabetically.

Support for Emojis in Email Subject Lines
One of the top requests at Sizzler was supporting emojis in the Subject line of emails. Emojis will also be supported in the From Name. Emojis will continue to be supported in the body of the email.


To add emojis, admins copy an emoji from (or your favorite emoji site that uses unicode characters) and paste it in the Subject line or From Name. (Typing an emoticon such as :) will not create an emoji.) Admins can also copy and paste unicode letters with special characters like those from non-english languages, for example. NOTE: Please be aware that unicode characters are not the same thing as foreign language fonts. Foreign language fonts are still not supported.

Test carefully
Clients are advised to test emojis carefully before sending an email. For example, emojis in subject lines are not supported in Outlook 2003 and Lotus Notes, and not all symbols are universally supported. And, not all email clients will render the emoji in the same way. For example, the same emojis will render one way in Gmail:


and another way in Outlook:


NOTE: In Yahoo mail, emojis do not display in a user's inbox preview, but will display when the user opens the email.

Best practices
Don't use emojis as word replacements as they won't display the same way in all email clients. Your subject line should be readable without the emojis.

Emojis are best used at the beginning or the end of the subject line, so if it doesn't render properly in a particular email system you won't have a gap in the subject line.

For more information on best practices see the attached document below.

Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved

  • Some clients were receiving an error when trying to do a search in the directory.    ENC-22172
  • A few emails were still in the Released Emails grid after being sent.    ENC-25048
  • Mobile Ready Email Templates - Some edits to the templates made with Skinbuilder were not displaying properly for these templates.    ENC-14384
  • When using Internet Explorer, the designations pop-up on a form was loading very slowly or didn't load at all.    ENC-25266
  • Some clients were being blocked from downloading .epub files from their file library.    ENC-24877
  • Web Services - Some clients were receiving invalid column errors.    ENC-25261
  • Web Services - Transaction Query by Control didn't filter by control    ENC-4506
  • Location name text boxes will now allow 150 character to be used (increased from 50).    ENC-25140
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