Release Notes - August 1, 2016

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Product Functionality

Defect Corrections

Product Functionality

Email Marketing

Ability to Reuse a Draft Email
Admins will now have the option to re-use a draft email to which content has been added. Previously this functionality was only available after an email had been sent, and the email was in the Email History grid. NOTE: When this option is selected for draft emails which do not have content, admins will see a pop-up window notifying them to add content to the email before copying it for re-use.

Admins will see the new option in the dropdown on the Save Drafts grid.


Selecting the Re-use Email option will take the admin to the Email Builder to finish creating the email.

Web Services

Existing Email Category API Modified to Return Changes in Category Opt-in State
Clients using web services currently utilize the Email Category API to pull email category opt-outs for a given period of time. In the EmailCategoryQuery API there is an existing attribute that indicates that the record is an opt-out. The value of this attribute was always FALSE. This existing behavior has been modified to provide both the TRUE value for the user "opting-in" to a category during the time period, and the existing FALSE value for the "user opting-out" during the time period. The Encompass system will now provide new results for re-opt-ins in all of the member-based email category web method results, along with the existing ability to pull opt-outs within a period.

EmailCategoryQuery.asmx allows the import and export of Email Category opt-out information.

GetMembersChangedDuring – Get all members that opted out within a specific date range.
GetMembersChangedSince – Get all members that opted out after a specific date.

NOTE: This API service is used for pulling changes in state - either opting-in or opting-out - during a specific period of time and cannot be used to pull all opt-in and opt-out information for all constituents.

Legacy Events
iModules will be removing the legacy Events functionality from Encompass effective November 1, 2016. On August 1, 2016, the date selector will be modified so that events cannot be set to occur past October 3, 2016. (The ability to create new events in the legacy system was removed in July 2015.) For questions concerning the conversion of an existing legacy event to the upgraded Events system, please contact your iModules account manager.

Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved

  • Directory - Previously, users had no option to reset their search options and start a totally new search.  Now, a new "New Search" link has been added to the Directory results page. Clicking the New Search link will clear all entered/selected search criteria for both Basic and Advanced searches.
  • Admin Dashboard - Admins were seeing timeout errors for the Email marketing module on the Admin Dashboard.      ENC-24208
  • Some import admins did not have access to download error/success log reports for their imports.    ENC-24509
  • In the admin tool bar under Donations, the Designations option was only appearing to admins with super admin rights.     ENC-20394
  • Identity Checkpoint page was loading slowly for clients with a large number of records.    ENC-24465
  • Admins were receiving errors when importing memberships.    ENC-24276
  • Directory not returning results for some clients.    ENC-24461
  • Non-logged-in users were receiving an error when linking to the directory.    ENC-23522
  • Changing the sort order of fields in the directory was not being saved.    ENC-22027
  • When trying to send an email from the directory, editing the draft email from the preview page changed any apostrophes or other special characters to HTML code.    ENC-17653
  • When importing a file that included an email address, if the email address was not different from the email address on the record, the auto-generated email forwarding import erroneously input a value of 1 for is_email_valid which caused records that had been marked invalid to be re-marked as valid despite no update to the email address.  Now,  is_email_valid only gets a value change IF the email address has changed.    ENC-24544
  • Emails were queuing without sending to all recipients.    ENC-23094
  • Event Roll-up Report - The Constituent ID of the primary registrant was repeating on all guest rows.  Constituent ID will now only display on primary registrant records in the report if the primary registrant is logged in at the time of form submission or later merged.  Guest records will not have a value for Constituent ID unless they have been merged into their constituent record.     ENC-24343
  • Event Roll-up Report - Event reporting was displaying duplicate rows for event registrants.     ENC-24314
  • The spell check function was not working in the content editor.    ENC-13361
  • Some clients were receiving timeout errors when attempting to run reports.    ENC-24213
  • Web Services - The Email Category Update API was returning Status='true' and the 2207 error message, whether or not it updated an email preference.  ENC-23918   Now,

*Success=true is returned when a successful update is made for re-opt-ins/opt-outs
*Success=true + Message ""The column is_opt_out already contains the specified update value"" is returned when no update is made.
*Success=false + Message ""Could not find column Email_Category_xxx."" if calling an Email Category that does not exist.
*Supplied last_updated date value is ignored when an update call is made - call uses current date value instead.

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