Release Notes - December 5, 2016

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Defect Corrections

The following issues have been resolved 


  • Calendar RSS feeds generate valid HTML when custom XML configuration is enabled. ENC-26411


  • Resolved a timing error that causes the 12th recurring payment amount to be pulled into the 11th payments email receipt. ENC-18689


  • Administrators are no longer receiving multiple copies of email deployment confirmation messages. ENC-25990
  • Reporting Performance Improvement: Rewrote the nightly stored procedure used to update email marketing reporting to speed processing. ENC-26428
  • Reporting Performance Improvement: Updated intended recipient table index to increase query responsiveness. ENC-26200


  • To prevent data corruption, Country and State drop down lists cannot be converted into or from other field types. ENC-26337
  • Performance Improvement: To reduce overhead on queries, drop down member fields no longer are created with "contains" search parameter.


  • The delete export message on the reporting grid will now say " Are you sure you want to delete export ##export name##?" with 'export name' referencing the name given to the export.  ENC-26415
  • $0 commerce amounts no longer show in the adjustments grid for adjustment. ENC-26450
  • Registration summary export counts commerce even if submission to edit registration is not fully submitted.  ENC-26452
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